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December 4, 2014

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December 9, 2014


December 8, 2014
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We are super pumped to come alongside one of our favorite online destinations once again for another virtual love letter.

This time, Jane.com has called upon us to #ShareJaneLove. And, oh boy, are we ever excited to share it.

You see, Jane.com is launching a challenge to all their followers today – nominate an angel in your life, and both of you could win $200.! That’s right – $200 for you AND $200 for your angel.

So…. what do you have to do to play along? Excellent question. They’re looking to you to publicly proclaim that someone you know is an angel. This angel should be someone you look to as an example, a beacon of light, a symbol of good.

Simply post a picture of yourself with your angel, tell Jane WHY you’ve chosen them in the caption below, use the hashtag #ShareJaneLove, and tag @veryjane between now and Dec. 15th. Learn more about the campaign by clicking here.

Immediately upon hearing of this challenge, we knew exactly who we wanted to nominate. You know how we’ve been starting this wee little time sucker project of love we also refer to as our retail space? Well, there’s one girl that we rely on to calm our crazy when the going gets nuts.

Cate, Anna, Tammy

Each morning, we wake up to an encouraging word, a prayer, and a verse from our dear friend Anna Brett. She’s the Type A to our Type Loopy. The one who makes us see reason. The one who offers assistance at the drop of a hat, and is truly willing to do anything for a friend.

Everyone should have an Anna in their life. We sure are glad to have her in ours. She is our behind the scenes specialist, but everybody deserves their time in the spotlight.

Today is Anna’s day. Anna – we cannot thank you enough for all that you do. You are the embodiment of an angel here on earth. And we love you for it!

Here’s how to officially enter:

1) Visit Jane.com/sharejanelove.

2) Then click the button that says “Enter Here Daily” which will scroll you lower down the page where you will see multiple ways to enter into the contest.

3) Click on the one(s) that apply to you, and there you go! It’s super simple.

So – who do you plan to nominate? We can’t wait to check out the hashtag and see the angels in your lives!

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  1. Agreed! I applaud your nomination. Love that Anna Brett! God works through and flows through her. I was blessed to have her for two years, encouraging me while I taught her little Avery. You are blessed to have her in your life. God bless you all ~

  2. Wow; the person I would have nominated too! So well deserved. I am blessed to have Anna in my life; since grade school even! Not sure what I would have done with her constant smile, encouraging words, and always available shoulder. My world is brighter because of her. Love ya Chip!

  3. You guys this is just too much. I’m humbled, appreciative and so overflowing with love right now. It isn’t hard to come alongside such beautiful people and help. You make it easy and it honestly isn’t much of a thought. I just look for ways to serve because I’ve been blessed by my lovely WildRuffle girls and all the other angels in my life so many times that I can’t even begin to count how my life has been touched by others’ generous hearts. Thank you for this. Thank you for yelling in a megaphone my love language. 🙂 I couldn’t be happier right now.

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