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January 20, 2015

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

January 22, 2015

Fashion-love From Heaven

January 21, 2015
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You probably aren’t going to be as excited as me… and I totally get that… but I have inherited a little bit of fashion-love from Heaven. And I absolutely love it!

My Grandma Esther was more concerned with tending to her daily duties as a wife and mother than she was concerned with wearing the latest fashion trends. My Grandpa Harlow, on the other hand, was an unashamed dapper dan. That man knew how to shop and was known for his fabulous gift giving. Lucky for my beautiful grandma, she was the main object of his affections and she scored on many occasions.

Ever since my grandparent’s passing, the precious jewels & other inheritance has been handed down to their children and grandchildren. Somehow through all of that, I lucked out. The old fur coats ended up in my lap. My joyful lap, might I add.

Despite their desperate need for repair, I’m in love with every inch of those ol’coats. The thick fur pelts and the handcrafted lining are a thing of the past.

I’ve always had a heart for historical fashion and this is one history that I’m particularly fond of. My families’ own vintage pieces… straight from Heaven.  Now it is my goal to find out where and when they were made. Little details like that excite me. It will give each piece a story. A true story I can pass to my little ladies when the time is right.

I won’t be found running errands in either of these coats. They will be kept safe for special occasions. I might pull them out randomly just to smell my grandma. And believe me, these amazing jackets contain a special vintage ‘old lady’ odor that maybe only I adore {just ask my friend Katie, who took these pics}. But I do. I love it with all my heart.

True vintage love from my grandmother. Priceless.

Vintage furs from Grandma-2 Vintage furs from Grandma-6 Vintage furs from Grandma-5 Vintage furs from Grandma Vintage furs from Grandma-7

{Monogram:  Esther Lillian Witt}Vintage furs from Grandma-11

{gorgeous hoop dangle earrings c/o ColorfulWay}Vintage furs from Grandma-10Vintage furs from Grandma-14Vintage furs from Grandma-9Vintage furs from Grandma-8Vintage furs from Grandma-13Vintage furs from Grandma-15Vintage furs from Grandma-16

Vintage fur coats from my grandmother // purple wool turtleneck (similar) // Wild Ruffle necklace // H&M undertank // The Loft jeans // Guess riding boots

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  1. Gorgeous! My grandma had a couple of real fur coats and I wish that I was able to inherit them (among many other things) but it wasn’t meant to be. That first coat is so, so pretty.

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