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January 28, 2015

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January 30, 2015

Piece By Piece

January 29, 2015
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When I moved into our new house last November I started with a clean slate.

Our living room furniture found a home in the kids’ loft. Our old familyroom furniture went directly to the unfinished basement for the kid’s entertainment area. Which left my front sitting room and new family room empty. Yay!

Yay! Except for the little detail of los dollares. My tastes are not matching up perfectly with my furniture budget I’ve been allotted. After blowing my living room budget on 1 stinkin couch, I’ve been forced to think out of the box. Adding furniture into my house piece by piece. Although this is actually fun for me, it just takes a considerable amount of time. Something I do not currently have. I’m constantly on the look out for perfect additions at discount or thrifted prices.

I found a few pieces at a thrift store the other day {watch out, thrifting might become my thing!} that I thought, humm.. yeah… I can make this work.

My first project is a little DIY.

My “winter” family room has a comfy cozy rustic theme. I thrive on textures and warmth. As much as we love our new Restoration Hardware couch, we ended up having to set our drinks on the floor every time we cuddled. {Our tables went with the ol’ couches & chairs to the other rooms.} We needed something small that we could push around easily. I found a little wooden handmade table for $8!! It was green. I don’t do green… if I were to do green, this would be the color I would choose because it was actually really pretty… it just didn’t go with my look. I decided to antique it cashmere-white and add glitz and glitter for a subtle punch.

I found a kit for around $12 at Menards to antique my new table.

thifted DIY side table-7 thifted DIY side table-3The natural distress and beaten up look was an asset to my overall plan.

thifted DIY side table-6I painted it white to coordinate with my baseboards and mantle. It ended up taking 3 coats of paint because I was too lazy to sand down the green. While the last coat of paint was still damp I tipped the corners of the table with gold ultra fine glitter.

thifted DIY side table thifted DIY side table-2Next step: apply the dark antiquing coat. Paint on and immediately wipe off with a clean rag. This is what gives the old worn appearance. The edges should be your main focus. The areas that would naturally get worn down over years of use.

thifted DIY side table-9 thifted DIY side table-10After the antiquing process, I really wanted a little something different. Anyone can have an old table. I wanted an old table that sparkles in the sun and gives a warm glow next to the fireplace. Gold dust was my answer.

Unfortunately I can not control the weather {don’t I wish!} and the day I took these pictures it remained overcast all day long. Not photo-friendly conditions. Grr. Believe me, the glitter gold is subtly apparent but my photos do not showcase the extra love and flair I painstakingly added. Boo.

Hopefully when I figure out what to put on the family room walls I can post it with the table making a better showing for itself. But as for now… you’ll just have to take my word for it… or try the glitter technique for yourself!  You might love it as I do!thifted DIY side table-11 thifted DIY side table-15We didn’t want a large trunk or coffee table this time around. Jason didn’t want anything to block the couch but I needed a spot for my coffee or wine glass. A small table on casters was the perfect compromise. Because marriage is all about compromise. 🙂 It can be moved and shoved around at any moment. It’s a lovely thing. A lovely tiny addition to my room. Piece by piece, my friends.

thifted DIY side table-13 thifted DIY side table-16 thifted DIY side table-14 thifted DIY side table-18 thifted DIY side table-17

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