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February 27, 2015

Kids are So Creative!

February 26, 2015
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My 12 year old was over at a friend’s house last weekend.

While most of the time I’m arresting her phone and entering it into our family phone-jail, this time was different. I am proud to say she wasn’t glued to her phone… this time, she was glued to a newspaper!

What? Yes. Adaline and her friend, Nicole, accidentally came up the coolest craft while experimenting with a glue gun, an ice cube and a newspaper.

I just have to share it with you. It’s bound to be the latest thing in kids’ bracelet art! Move over rainbow loom!

Glue gun bracelet craftsSupplies:

  • glue gun and sticks
  • newspaper {words or artwork you like}
  • ice cubes
  • scissors
  • pin {for making a hole for the wire}
  • jewelry wire


1)  Pick the word or artwork you likeGlue Gun Bracelet Craft2)  Dump a glob of hot glue on top of the newspaperGlue Gun Bracelet Craft-23)  QUICKLY smash the glue flat with an ice cube {make it smooth… the thinner the better}

Glue Gun Bracelet Craft-34)  Peel up your artwork

Glue Gun Bracelet Craft-45)  Cut out your artwork to make the edges cleanGlue Gun Bracelet Craft-56)  Poke a hole on 2 sides of your glue-art so you can thread the wire throughGlue Gun Bracelet Craft-87)  Thread the wire through one of the holes and twist the endGlue Gun Bracelet Craft-108)  Wrap wire around wrist and do the same to the other side, creating a bracelet.Glue Gun Bracelet Craft-12See what kids can do when they are using their creative minds! Yay, beautiful brain power! I haven’t lost her to all the electronics quite yet! Win one for mommy!Glue Gun Bracelet Craft-7

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