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May 1, 2015

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May 4, 2015

Wild About May Pop Up Peeps

May 1, 2015
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Wild Ruffle just can’t get enough of helping small businesses! Much like our own shop, we know the heart and soul that’s poured into each and every business. This understanding makes it easy to gush over all the lovely merchandise that will be sold at the next Pop Up event!

Now onto the fun stuff… the talented vendors!

Sue with Bring It! is back and we couldn’t be more excited.

Bring It! always impresses us with the latest and greatest trends in jewelry and fashion accessories. How? Well, Bring it! travels to New York, Vegas and LA to “bring” all these goodies straight to you! T-shirts, hats, scarves, belts, watches and tons of jewelry. With so many fantastic finds, it’s hard to pick just one item from her table…so don’t pick… just take ’em all!

Sue has recently introduced new hand-made, inspirational Design Your Own charms! She can help you design the perfect necklace or bracelet for you or for someone you love! ahem…Mother’s DayBring It! personalizedStop by her table to chat about hosting a home party that is truly like no other. The great thing is that their merchandise is always changing, so no two parties are alike. AND you take everything you buy home that same day! No presentations, no pressure… it’s a no brainer!Bring it! Accessories

Did you know that 80% of the ingredients in your beauty products have never actually been tested for safety? Well, Beautycounter is a company who’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. With all natural ingredients like aloe, ginger root, nettle, and more, you can be certain that every product you use from this company is something that you can feel comfortable using.

And I’ve read that women consume up to 7 lbs of lipstick every year (yikes!). It would sure be nice to know exactly what we’re ingesting, wouldn’t it?

We are happy to have Kimberly Reeves bringing her Beautycounter products to our upcoming Pop Up Shop on Thursday May 21st 5-9pm on Main Ave, Prior Lake, MN.BeautyCounter


If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to head to the nail salon to get all freshened up every time you have somewhere fun to be.

And, like me, you’ll be Wild About Jamberry Nails.

Jamberry Nails offers the trendiest colors and patterned Jamberry Nail Wraps! If you haven’t tried them yet, now is your chance. The wraps are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. The shields are made in the USA, with no harsh chemicals …and they’re latex free.

These designer nail wraps are made to last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish, they won’t chip and require no drying time. It’s so easy to achieve a professional, salon look at a fraction of the cost!

Plan to get a fresh new look when you stop by Nadine’s Jamberry table on Thursday May 21st 5-9pm Main Ave, Prior Lake, MN! Jamberry

Oh ladies~ You’re gonna love this!

Colleen is back, bringing you another dose of her fabulous skirts. We are so glad she’s coming back again, with her shop Skirt the Possibilities, because you all loved what she had to offer last fall.

I can’t wait to see her new spring/summer selection because I’m always on the hunt for great skirts… I wear them almost daily. They have become a summer staple in my life!

Born from a love of smart, chic, darling skirts, Colleen started her business so she could share what she loves with others. She searches high and low to bring you the most fashionable skirts, and you’re going to be so thankful she does – because she’ll have them all on May 21st!

Her amazing skirt journey has now turned into a full Boutique in Wisconsin with dresses, tops, scarves, jewelry, boots, leggings, wraps, and sweaters. All the things we just can’t live without! Check her out hereskirt the possibilities skirt the possibilities

Now… it’s just up to you to come, find something amazing and show your support. It’s just that easy!

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