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May 26, 2015

How To Style The Perfect Scarf

May 28, 2015

Neighborhood Block Party

May 27, 2015
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My new street has started an Annual Memorial Day block party {we’re only on year 2}. Whoop Whoop!

After waking from the winter hibernation, the neighbors rallied together to start the summer-season off on a day that means so much to so many!

The fun and festivities were perfect. Nothing over the top, just new friends getting to know each other better over food and drinks. Well, I can say it was more like… “Oh, you’re Mason’s mom, nice to finally meet you!”  All the while, the littles went about their usual business running through the sprinklers fully dressed and eating cookies like no one was watching.

Awh… summertime, making memories… here we come!

I forced my daughter, Adaline, to sneak off with me and get some snaps of my OOTD. She’s such a sport when no one is looking but it’s “SUPER embarrassing, mom!” when the whole neighborhood is out in the street. Which, I get, but somethings have to be done when you’re in the blogging business. Smile, pose act natural… you’re on camera. {obviously the humidity was a hair killer AND the down side to an extra long maxi is you always step on it. ah well}

I had just gotten back from my parent’s lakehome where all we did was overeat and lounge around. So needless-to-say my outfit for the Block Party needed to be stretchy and full body coverage. My new favorite skirt and summer sweater fit that bill. {I snagged this super comfy skirt at TJMaxx/Home Goods last Friday, while on my eternal search for the perfect family room rug.} Since there’s no time to do the important things on my To Do list, I have to buy my skirts vs. making them, like this skirt I made! I definitely don’t have time to create extra projects for myself. So I am forced to buy what I can easily do myself. Oh well. Life will evolve and someday I’ll get that chance again. Hopefully that someday will be sooner than later.

Memorial Day Block party WIW-4Memorial Day Block party WIW-3 Memorial Day Block party WIW-2 Memorial Day Block party WIW Memorial Day Block party WIW-12 Memorial Day Block party WIW-7 Memorial Day Block party WIW-9 Memorial Day Block party WIW-10 Memorial Day Block party WIW-11 Memorial Day Block party WIW-6

Wild Ruffle earrings // H&M undertank // Sweater Project sweater (similar) // TJMaxx maxi skirt (I need this one next) // Target Sam & Libby sandals (similar) // Timberland crossbody bag (similar) // Steve Madden Sunglasses (similar)Memorial Day Block Party

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  1. Great outfit for a neighborhood party, Tammy. I am in love with that boho maxi skirt. Feels easy and comfy like pajamas, not? =))

  2. Your neighborhood party looks and sounds like so much fun! A great way to start the summer! And this is such a cute, cozy outfit. I love that maxi skirt.

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