July 6, 2015

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July 8, 2015

Give Yourself The Cold Shoulder – a DIY

July 7, 2015
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I’m loving all the cold shoulder tees out there right now! We even have one long sleeved version in our shop. But I wanted a short sleeved one, and haven’t been able to find the perfect color or style just yet.

So I decided to whip up a couple on my own. The first DIY, pictured below, is literally the easiest one you could ever do. It involved a little snip, snip and you’re done.

Cold shoulder top DIY


Step 1: Find tee that you like. I selected a loose fitting one that’s a couple sizes up from what I normally wear because I wanted it to be more flowy. 
Cold shoulder top DIY


Step 2: With a pencil, lightly draw a line where you want to cut the shoulder hole out.Cold shoulder top DIY


Step 3: Snip, snip!Cold shoulder top DIY

Voila! Easy peasy.Cold shoulder top DIY

The next version took a bit more time, and involves a small amount of sewing. But it’s still easy for a newbie to sewing to do – I simply used a needle and thread – no machines needed here.Cold shoulder top DIYStep 1: Select your tee. I picked a men’s medium. It was inexpensive (just $4.97), and I liked the color.

Cut the bottom into three strips


Step 2: Cut the bottom off – just enough to slice into three strips. You’ll use these strips in a minute.Cut the neck off the tee


Step 3: Cut the neck off the top.Braid the three strips


Step 4: Braid the three strips. This will become your strap.Sew the braid onto the top


Step 5: Sew the braid to the front of your neckline, until you’re satisfied with the width.Sew the braid onto the back


Step 6: Sew each end of the braid to the backside.DIY cold shoulder top - so easy! DIY cold shoulder top - simple and easy to do

And there you go!

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