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August 17, 2015

Minnehaha Falls

August 19, 2015

Fall Trends 2015 – What You Need To Know

August 18, 2015

With the changing of the seasons, comes new fashion trends. And there are quite a few changes in store for the fall 2015 fashion lover.

Let’s kick it off with one of my favorites – shoes. If you’ve been toppling over whilst trying to walk around in your stiletto heels, rejoice. The lady loafer is your new best friend. With a stacked kitten heel, this style is tailor made for the clumsy fashionista.

stacked kitten heel

Kitten heel

Mary Jane

Mary Janes

lady loafers

Power Pump


stacked kitten heel

Stacked kitten


This one’s not a newcomer to the scene, but was all over runways for the coming season. Here in Minnesota, we’re thrilled – because black ankle boots are practical AND stylish for those of us who have to tread across snow and ice on a regular basis.

Black ankle boot

Sueded boot

Black ankle boot

Black with elastic

black ankle boots with buckles


Buckled boots

black combat booties

Combat boots


Nelly knew what he was talking about when he sang about ‘boots with the fur.’ He was ahead of his time, because they’re now hitting stores like crazy.

fur boots

Fur boots

Fur trimmed boots

Fur lined boots

Fur boots

Fur topped boots

Not into shoes? No worries – we’ve got you covered from head to toe, and next up is the flounce hem? Flirty and fun, this trend will make you feel ultra girly.

flounce hemmed romper


flounce hem skirt

Flounce hem skirt

flounce hem dress

Flounce hem dress

flounce hem

Flounce hem dress

Curvy flounce hem dress

Curvy flounce hem dress

They’re truly taking care of the style lover living in the tundra (like me) this season – fur cuffs are another item that’s all the rage. Find them built in to your jackets/sweaters, or buy them separately and add them on for extra warmth!

fur cuffs

Faux fur cuffs

fur cuffs

Fur cuffs


Black fur cuff

If you’re looking for colors, well – there was about 50 shades of grey (sorry, had to do it) on the runways this year. Grey is great – it’s so easy to wear, and such a classic. And this year, it’s ultra hot. If you want to make it a standout look, go monochromatic and pair grey on grey.

grey asymmetrical dress

Asymmetrical dress

cold shoulder dress

Cold shoulder dress

grey skirt

Grey skirt

Designers are mad for tartan plaid. We are too!

tartan plaid scarf

Tartan plaid scarf

tartan plaid workout pants

Workout pants

Oversized scarf

Oversized blanket wrap

Sperry tartan plaid

Sperry tartan plaid

Trina Turk pants

Trina Turk

I’m super excited about this next trend – pretty tights! It’s your opportunity to take a fashion risk, and go over the top with a fun pattern without fully committing to a print.

Gradient dyed tights

Gradient dyed tights

polka dot tights

Polka dots

Floral print tights

Floral print

This next trend will transport you to another era. The Victorian era, to be precise. Take a trip back in time and look your best this fall!

Victorian style top

Victorian inspired top

Victorian inspired jacket

Victorian inspired jacket

Victorian top

Fitted top

Victorian style jacket

Purple jacket

What fall trends have you seen that you’re most excited about?

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