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September 17, 2015

Where Do The Days Go?

September 21, 2015

Gameday Fashion DIY

September 18, 2015

The comfy couture trend is taking over the world one step at a time.

We came up with a fun little DIY for your old sweatshirts. And why not make something for Game Day?! Skol Vikes! Go team!

This cut out style gives you the versatility to change up the look. And promise me if you do this DIY, you will layer something underneath… because otherwise… you know… this becomes a whole ‘nother thing. I guess my husband {as well as yours} would enjoy it without the underlayer, but that’s another blog post. wink wink

Ok, back on topic.

Gameday wear without sacrificing fashion. {And the crowd roars}

  1. Grab a sweatshirt
  2. Print off the TEAM you cheer for {I used STENCIL font because the break in the letters helps the fabric not to twist and be misshaped}
  3. Cut out the paper letters and use a fabric pencil or household chalk to outline each letter on your shirt
  4. Cut out the letters on your sweatshirt
  5. Sew around each letter to reinforce the edges. {No sewing machine?= handstitch with needle and thread. It’ll just take longer}
  6. {Optional: fold the shirt in 1/2 so it is even on both sides. then cut off neck to give it an updated look… I went with off-the-shoulder style}
  7. Throw the other color of your TEAM under {a long sleeve or tank, either will work} and rock this bad boy!

NFL women's wear DIY-11NFL women's wear DIY-14NFL women's wear DIY-12NFL women's wear DIY-13NFL women's wear DIY-15{Here’s one option}NFL women's wear DIY{And another}NFL women's wear DIY

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