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October 13, 2015

Warm Yourself Up With Acorn Squash Soup

October 15, 2015

Back To My Roots

October 14, 2015

I’ve gone back to my roots.

Nope. That’s a lie.

I’ve gone back to my wonderful stylist Emilie! Not that I’d ever leave her – she’s too fabulous! She’s honestly the best around.

It all started when I realized I’m kinda over the moon with this chick’s hair. So naturally, I walked into Em and said… I just HAVE to have it! Annnd as always, she so graciously abided. Because she’s just so good to me, and always accommodates my crazy wishes.

Since my roots are naturally a gorgeous mousy blond hue, Em darkened them up about 5 shades before adding white white blond highlights to the ends. So if you see me and it looks like my hair needs a desperate touch-up… it doesn’t. This is actually the look I was going for. Ha! I keep feeling like I need to tell everyone I did this on purpose.

I want the rough and tumble style. I want to look unkempt. I wanted to look like I’ve just forgotten to get to the salon in way too long. That is… at least until I’m bored with it. But at that point, it’ll be time to go see Emilie again!

Yay! I’m all for changing up your style any ol’ time you please! Who is with me?

Denim shirt dress & neck party Denim shirt dress & neck party-4Denim shirt dress & neck party-2 Denim shirt dress & neck party-3 Denim shirt dress & neck party-5 Denim shirt dress & neck party-6 Denim shirt dress & neck party-7 Denim shirt dress & neck party-8Denim shirt dress & neck party-9Denim shirt dress & neck party-10Denim shirt dress & neck party-11Denim shirt dress & neck party-12Denim shirt dress & neck party-13Denim shirt dress & neck party-14Denim shirt dress & neck party-15Denim shirt dress & neck party-16Denim shirt dress & neck party-17

Necklaces @ // old cardi sweater // Old Navy denim shirt dress // Target Tights // Steve Madden leather booties // old wooden bracelets

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  1. Your hair looks wonderful first of all. It is good to have a trusty hairdresser. I love this pretty layered Fall Look. I love your chambray dress (I will be showing one on the blog, tomorrow), the pretty necklaces and the cool gray tights. That cardigan looks so cozy too. I own a similar one. =)

    Hope all is well with you ladies. Pleasure stopping by. <3 Ada.

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