Giving Thanks

November 23, 2015

The Thanksgiving Prayer

November 26, 2015

Choosing Wisely for the Feast

November 25, 2015
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Remember that Friendsgiving episode when Joey realized the stretch abilities that Phoebe’s maternity pants offered to his uncomfortable food-baby? I think about this every year about this time. So funny yet so undeniably true. While I don’t think I’ll be donning maternity pants any time again in the near future (but you never want to rule anything out I guess!), I do put some thought into what to wear on the big day.

What will I wear to the Thanksgiving feast that will first of all be cute, and second of all be comfortable before and after the food overload? It’s a tough decision, but I think I got it down.

My choice? Something I wouldn’t normally do. Pairing two oversized pieces together. But Thanksgiving calls for special rules. And this year I plan to wear a stretchy trapeze dress (from the shop) and a trendy oversized wrap sweater (also from the shop!). The opaque tights hold it all in… not too tight just the right amount of comfy snug-ness. Stretch fabrics rule Thanksgiving people. Embrace it. Love it, live it!

I will be indulging and eating all. day. long. And loving every second of it. Enjoying laughter and chaos with my family {8 adults, 3 teenagers, 3 tweens, & 4 littles}. Thankful for every moment of it. And not worried at all about calorie consumption (I’ll save that for Jan 1).

…all while embracing the comfy-chic look. Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-2 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-3 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-4 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-5 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-6 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-7 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-8 Wise-wear for Thanksgiving feast-9

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