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December 8, 2015

Leather Staining Made Easy DIY

December 10, 2015

Military Staple

December 9, 2015

The military shirt.

Does it ever really go out of style? Nah. It’s a classic. Much like a chambray or a crisp white button up. The styling possibilities are endless, don’t you think? It’s something you can keep in your closet forever, and pull out time and time again.

This mild winter has me baffled as to how to dress appropriately. Layers seem to be the only real option. Like yesterday, when it was drizzly and overcast with a slight chill in the air but nothing like our normal MN Decembers. I’m not complaining. Layering is my favorite!

I scored this military shirt from Forever21 a few months ago. It’s a keeper – one of those classics I referred to earlier that will stick around for years to come. The thick twill button up is pretty heavy and doubled as a jacket for me in the fall, but yesterday’s temp warranted a wool top coat.

All layered up and ready for Christmas shopping and random errands. Friend’s house for coffee, grocery store, Marshalls, Target, the WR shop, back to Target. Whew. What did I forget? Oh yeah… toilet paper. Target’s back on my list. I’m sure I have forgotten something else at Target. Something I won’t remember when I get there. And then I’ll end up back there again.

Does anyone else feel like they live at Target? Or is that just me.

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