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December 9, 2015

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December 14, 2015

Leather Staining Made Easy DIY

December 10, 2015

After we got our new Minnesota Barnwood table last winter, we needed new chairs.

Jason wanted metal for an industrial luncheon look, but I was still in love with the quality and general look of our old chairs. They just needed an update. A few of them had been Sharpied with a beautiful 2 year old’s artwork. And don’t let the seemingly wipeable leather seats deceive you, they were horribly stained with everything under the sun. You name it, it was there and nothing I tried could remove it. Now, if you’ve got some leather products that you want to protect before some kids ruin it, then you might want to use a leather cleaner and conditioner as this should be able to do the trick when it comes to looking after your leather products.{unfortunately this was the only before pic I could find}
Rustic-Glam-chandelier-DIY-My first thought was leather stain. The only place I could find it was online. It didn’t take me long to realize this wasn’t going to work. Leather stain comes in a bottle about the size of vanilla extract. I bought 3 bottles for all 6 of my big chairs thinking I’d have plenty. I ended up using an entire bottle for ONE seat (not even the top part)! I would’ve accepted the cost and ordered more if it looked nice… but it didn’t. Every brush stroke soaked in, leaving ugly streak marks and certainly not covering the old stains. Yikes!Leather staining chair DIY-2It wasn’t until my husband suggested I give deck stain a try. Deck stain? Ok. I’ll try anything because my next plan was to upholster it {which I really didn’t want to do}. Off to home depot where I came back with 6 cans of white spray paint and navy wood stain. I removed the metal tacks with a needle-nose one by one. It took forever. I expect every project to be done in a couple hours max. This wasn’t the case.

The back of each chair just popped out when the tacks were removed. I unscrewed the seats as well so the wooden frame could get an even spray. My little helpers and I used approximately 1 can of White Satin Primer & Paint per chair.

While those were drying in the front yard, we grabbed sponges and got busy on the leather sections. We sloshed on the deck stain, waited a few minutes for it to dry 1/2way and then wiped it off. To give a worn, distressed look we made sure to leave an uneven layer of stain.Leather staining chair DIYThe look ended up brilliant. It covered up the food and marker stains plus added a rugged vibe that played well with the barnwood table. After allowing the chairs to dry, we roughed up the white paint in areas to highlight the already worn look of the wood.

My trusty husband stepped in to finish the project. Even though I enjoyed pounding with a rubber mallet, I couldn’t get the nailtacks back in a straight line to save my life. My man had to reassembled the chairs.

Finally the dining room chairs were complete! Only 11 short months later. Hummm. Sometimes, that’s how my DIYs go. Although this really could be a weekender if motivated properly.
Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-2Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-10Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-9Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-3Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-6Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-7Dining Chair DIY - Staining leather made easy-4We love our new chairs. Totally worth the wait!

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