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December 15, 2015

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December 17, 2015

Turtlenecks and Grandpa Cardis

December 16, 2015

I absolutely love turtlenecks. I know they haven’t been in style for years. I just don’t care.

The bigger the better for me. I prefer them thick, tight around my neck and all the way up to my chin {the one I’m wearing here is not cutting it}. Sometimes I actually find myself pulling it up over my mouth to breathe warm air into the fabric. Ohhh it’s so cozy! I can’t get enough. Anyone else a turtleneck lover like me?

Another unwavering love I have is for cardigans. Big oversized cardigans. I’ve enjoyed them for years even when know one else found them appealing. Luckily, this trend came back a couple years ago so my old cardis have been soundly relevant. Who else loves grandpa cardigans?

But I’m hopeful my beloved turtlenecks are on a comeback. They’ve been seen around fashiontown lately and I’m diggin every minute of it! Of course I’m all set with about 20 different turtleneck-sweaters already on hand.

Give me a turtleneck and a cozy sweater, and I’m a happy girl. Maybe I’m just a little old lady at heart. I should have been born in another era. But then I would’ve missed out on the yoga pants trend, and I do love a day off of fashion and hanging around in my comfy yoga pants every once in awhile.
turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-5 turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-7 turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-4 turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-3 turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-2 turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-8 turtlenecks and grandpa sweaters-6

Remember these days? hunter and mccall 80's photoI’m thinkin I should take this on as a challenge. I need to recreate this into a look for today. Hummm… interesting. Remember, never say never!

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