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January 7, 2016

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January 11, 2016

Wild About Staying Warm

January 8, 2016

If there’s one thing you can count on here in Minnesota, it’s that temperatures are bound to plunge at some point during our winter season.

We’ve been pretty spoiled thus far this season, with nary a sub-zero day yet!

But they are coming people. Hello, high of -1 on Sunday!! But you’ll be ready, because we’ve got lots of cold weather gear in the shop to cover that precious epidermis of yours.

Our ever popular blanket scarves are now marked down to just $20! Still available in blue/green and red/black, it’s a trend that’s here for the duration, and now you can get it for a steal. Stop in the store, or shop online here.

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-10

Keep your head nice and toasty with a hand crocheted hat from Precious Beans Crochet! Made right here in Prior Lake, Minnesota by a local mom of four, they come in a wide variety of colors and styles!

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-7Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-8Precious Beans Crochet

Gabby’s Goods scarves are available for just a couple more weeks in the shop – once the end of January comes, these handmade beauties will be gone for the season. Stop in and pick up yours before they disappear!

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-4Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-3Gabby Pahl scarves Gabby Pahl scarves

Another item to stock up on before they’re gone at the end of January? Deep Green Project handmade cold weather gear. With everything from mittens to handkerchief scarves, hats for men AND women AND kids, leg warmers and more, they’re beautiful and functional at the same time. My Sadie loves her cowl neck scarf that converts to a hat. The pompoms are perfection.

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-5Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-6Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-2DeepGreen ProjectDeepGreen Project

If you haven’t heard of Sleevitz, then you are missing out! Every time my kiddos go out with theirs, we get comments from intrigued parents. They’re made to protect that skin between your jacket and your glove – it’s so easily exposed and prone to frostbite. But with a Sleevitz on, that snow stays off their skin and keeps them toasty and warm.

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shopSleevitz

Who doesn’t love a hot cup’a joe on these frigid mornings? Don’t forget to snag a cute mug while you’re in!

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-11

And last but not least, we have only a few winter-wear clothing items left in stock. The best part is it’s ALL on clearance! Stop in before it’s gone!

Winter wear at the Wild Ruffle shop-9

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