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January 18, 2016

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January 20, 2016

DIY Rustic Industrial Shelving

January 19, 2016

We love to think of ourselves as DIY girls.

But see, instead of the kind of DIY Pinteresty type experts that seem to share unreachable and impossible projects, we’re kind of fly by the seat of our pants, fake it until we make it DIYers.

Case in point, the new shelving we recently installed. We knew we wanted a rustic industrial look, and of course we think, “We can do that!”

This is where you benefit… because we make mistakes, learn from them, and then share the love with you all!

The first time we installed these lovelies, they flew off the walls after a couple of hours. Oopsies. (disclaimer – no Wild Ruffle customers were injured as a result of our ineptitude). You see, there are virtually no studs in the elderly walls of our cute little building, so you need extra long screws to make it work.

Another tidbit on our learning curve? Don’t choose pre-treated wood, as it seeps moisture for about a year. Unless you’d like to dry off the bottom of everything you’re storing on your shelf for the next 12 month.

Since we swapped out our screws, we’ve been happy as can be with the new look.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Flanges, two for each shelf (find them here)

Pipes, a few inches longer than your shelf is wide (find them here)

End cap for your pipes (find them here)

Wooden board of your choosing, cut to size

8 long screws (2 1/2 inches oughta do it)

Measure your space, then have your board trimmed to size. Screw your flanges into the wall, starting about an inch to the inside of each side of the bottom of your board, making sure to use a level to be sure your pretty pictures and candles won’t go rolling off to one side. Then screw your pipes into the flanges, and finish off with the end cap. Rest your board on the pipes, and voila! Your new shelves are ready to go. When using pipes that are already installed in your home for decorative effect, we recommend getting them checked out by a professional like this plumber essendon, to make sure they do not contain any harmful toxins.

DIY Rustic Industrial shelves DIY Rustic Industrial shelves DIY Rustic Industrial shelves DIY Rustic Industrial shelves DIY Rustic Industrial shelves

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