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January 19, 2016

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January 21, 2016

The Science of the Matter

January 20, 2016

Sometimes you have to get creative.

You can just assume I’m frozen. Truly chilled to the bone and I feel the frost-burning All. The. Time. While I’m in love with the warmth of oversized sweaters, somedays I feel like I’m swimming in them. Since I’m a lover of puzzles and visual problem solving games… Unblock Me and Tangrams are the only game-apps I like… it only makes sense I do these things. As I’ve stated many times, I view my closet like a game. A puzzle of sorts. What can fit with what without scaring off too many people?!

I thought this was a easy addition to my craziness creativeness.

Problem: Oversized sweater hanging down to an unflattering length.

Observation: Hummm these earrings in my closet have a pin-like look.

Hypothesis: It’ll probably do the job and won’t be too weird. Plus it’s free to me and available right now. Major pluses!

Experiment: It took a few tries to get the right gather at the right height.

Conclusion: Yay! Fishhook earrings work to pin-up an oversized sweater. Adding dimension to my outfit, giving me a waist and showing off the striped undershirt.

Nothin like showing my jr.high girls that YES, in fact, Science is important! It even helps you get dressed. Boom.

Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-13 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-4 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea! Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-2 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-5 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-7 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-8 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-12 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-10 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-11 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-9 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-3 Pin-up a baggy sweater idea!-6Wild Ruffle earrings // Forever 21 sweater // Target striped long-sleeved tee & earrings (sweater pins)  // Seven For All Mankind jeans // Steven lace up wedges // Italian – San Marino boutique handbag

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  1. Absolutely love this idea! I love the over sized tops these days but sometimes you just want your figure to be complimented a little more. Great idea…pinned.

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