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February 18, 2016

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February 22, 2016

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February 19, 2016
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You know how Facebook gives you daily memories of things that happened on that date over the years?

I realized recently that I used to be super annoying.

Though our brick and mortar has only been open for around 15 months, this blog began way back in January of 2011. I was a stay at home mom with two 21 month olds and a precocious 5 year old, and I needed a hobby. I loved to write, I loved fashion, and boom – the blog was born.

But seriously. I was REALLY excited about it. And apparently (according to my FB memories), I wouldn’t shut up about it. And I couldn’t understand why the entire world wasn’t as excited as me.

My old statuses are filled with reminders to like the Wild Ruffle Facebook page, or to read all my posts.

And oh my goodness – I look back at some of those posts and have to laugh. I was not yet so good at this blogging thing. My photography needed serious help. I couldn’t code to save my life. I thought I’d share some of the goodness here with you all so you could laugh along with me.

And remind me never to take myself too seriously. 😉

Take, for example, my first food post – find the original here. Amazingly, it’s been pinned on Pinterest nearly 17,000 times – despite the awful pictures I took of our meal (I’ve since added some better ones). It IS a truly delicious recipe though, so maybe that’s why people keep coming back to it! Check out the lovely featured photo below. At the time, I thought it was very artistic.

Carnitas recipe

If you want a good laugh, take a peek at my very first fashion post, where I took one basic black dress and shared five different ways to wear it. I remember how long it took me, dragging a shower curtain into my basement as my back drop and setting up my tripod and timer. Thank goodness I learned that natural back drops work fabulously, and that my daughter grew into my go-to photographer. Here’s a sample photo from that shoot.

basic black dress

Even better? This post. Wherein I had my husband take pictures of me in our then unfinished basement, one of which included this fancy shoe picture (I recall lying down on the floor and sticking my feet in the air to get the perfect shot). While editing, I added the super cool vignette feature to give it that oh-so-cool dark edging.

shoe picture

Here’s another lovely pic. Once again I was playing with editing (thank you, photography classes, for helping me to get better!). I’m mad I got rid of those shoes though. I was ahead of the curve on the gladiator style, and now they’re finally in style! See the rest of the photos here. Side note: I tore that crochet top when my husband bet me I couldn’t wheelbarrow up a flight of stairs. I won that bet.

old fashion photo

Check out my first DIY. It actually is helpful, and I use it to this day. But I would’ve worked on my presentation a bit before posting if I was writing about it today.

I’m sure this blog is filled with tons more goofy photos and poor editing. Thankfully, I’ve grown and stretched along the way, and like to think I’ve improved a bit. And I’ll try to be just a little less annoying. 😉

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