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March 1, 2016

If I’m Being Honest

March 3, 2016

Here I Go Again, Another Hair Fail

March 2, 2016
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Do the right thing

So yesterday started like most. But let’s skip past all the early morning kid-rush-to-the-bus-by-6:50 routine; AND after having to leave my house three separate times before 8:20 am (all in the name of KIDS! Gah!). I’m finally able to move onto myself. This lady needs a shower.

While I was waiting for the Keurig to do it’s thing one last time, I naturally got distracted by my iPhone a bit too long. Pinterest popped up with pin suggestions for the new shop decor. Instagram was littered with Oscar’s Best Dressed pics. <3  Then I was onto my morning scroll through emails by the hundreds (Sidestep: I am that person. You know the one. Cate recently texted “This reminded me of us.”.  hehe Funny and depressingly true.) Types of emails

OK, back to my hair. Needless to say after all of the dawdling I realized I had to get ready now or I’d be late again to my meeting at the shop. I literally tried on 5 different outfits. Uck. Nothing looked right. Nothing fit right. This indecision was eating all of my time. I settled on simple. Black top (similar) layered with a vintage black velvet blazer (similar), Wild Ruffle Shop necklace and Banana Republic straight leg denim (similar). It’s not going to make fashion history but I had to throw something on. I had to start makeup & hair ASAP. I quickly applied my best ‘I-really-did-try-to-get-ready’ face. My curling iron was red hot and ready for business but that didn’t matter. The clock was tick-tocking too fast and it was nearly zero hour. That is when I decided to come up with the brilliant plan of NOT DOING MY HAIR. Why not? Why can’t that be the next hair trend?! It would save me loads of time. I don’t enjoy doing my hair. I like it when looks nice but the process bores me. So this trend would serve me well! You?

I messied up the sides and threw a bobby pin in for height. I’m totally serious when I say this… I thought I’d nailed it. I checked it over one last time Heyyy, not too shabby, unplugged the iron and ran downstairs.

I met Cate at the shop, got some work done and ran to our next meeting in Eden Prairie. This is where I sat through the entire meeting unknowingly. Honestly I’m thankful I had no idea or I would’ve been self conscience or making excuses for my appearance the whole time.

It wasn’t until I scanned through my camera after Cate took a few snaps of me in the parking lot. AAAhhhh!!! Okaaaay. Well now I know. It flipped, it flopped. Utterly undeniable hair fail! Hence only a few pics today. It was bad.

Don’t worry friends. I’m not about to give up this easily, especially when it comes to getting out of doing my hair. It’ll be my constant endeavor to perfect this ‘lazy-do’.

I’ll let you know how it goes. But any fine hair tips or tricks for ‘lazy girls’ you might want to shoot my way in the mean time would be much appreciated.

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