March 14, 2016

A Tiny Nod to Green

March 16, 2016

When The Leprechauns Attack

March 15, 2016
Black and white and blue

Our family isn’t Irish but that doesn’t stop those naughty leprechauns from attacking our house.

They don’t get us every year but you just never know when they will strike. Like a few years ago, we woke to find tiny green gooey footprints (it may or may not have been green cake decorating gel) leading from the backdoor, through the dining room and all around the kitchen; leaving green sugar sprinkles as magical fairy dust behind for all to see.

Or that one year when everything in the kitchen and dining room was turned upside down with green yarn twisted and tied everywhere! Everyone had to sit on upside down chairs for breakfast… kinda funny but not nearly as comfy.

And a couple years in a row they visited the powder room and didn’t flush! Green pee… Eeewwwh!

Some years they create more havoc than others. Some they just sneak in and turn our milk green. No matter how much I tell my girls that it tastes the same.. no one will ever drink the green milk. For some strange reason I’ve picked this to be stubborn about…I won’t give up… one of these years they WILL drink the green milk. They must.

I wonder what the leprechauns will do to our house this year? Will the girls wake up with green string tied in their hair? Or green nail polish on their fingers and toes? Will the leprechauns fill their bedrooms with green balloons?

Or maybe they will spread rainbows all over kitchen. Or hide chocolate gold coins throughout the house. Humm, I’m curious to see how creative the leprechauns will be this year. Or will the leprechauns’ accomplice completely drop the ball and forget again?! Who knows. I can’t wait to see the St.Patrick’s Day magic happen…

Do leprechauns attack your house too?

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