April Showers Bring May Openings

March 28, 2016

Was I Happy Through It All?

March 30, 2016

To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth.

March 29, 2016
Beach wear look
This is real life

I put my vacation pictures up on Facebook the other day, and to be honest with you I felt a little like a fraud.

“Beautiful pictures!” my friends said. “Looks like you had so much fun!”

And we did. We had fun.

But the pictures I didn’t post? They tell a little different story than the carefully curated ones I put up for all to see.

I didn’t post the scowling face of my daughter that I forced her to pose for, taken just minutes before she barfed at the restaurant (and again at the pool – right in front of the ONLY family still sitting at the pool at 8 pm, and again in the elevator). Don’t worry – she happily shared this tummy bug with her brother, because she’s generous like that.

I didn’t post a picture of my other daughter, in tears on her birthday because she and her brother couldn’t seem to get along that day.

I didn’t catch any good shots of our piles of snotty tissues from our head colds, or the stack of advil I was taking every day to keep my extreme back pain at bay. So those weren’t included either.

If you look closely at what I did post, you can see the blistered faces of our children, burnt to a crisp on the very first day. Sigh.

And yet. There was fun to be had amidst the craziness. I’m still happy we got away and had this time together as a family. I’m thankful for our vacation – truly!

Time and time again you hear about how nobody shares real life on social media. They just share the accolades, the happy moments, the perfectly baked cakes, and their smiling children.

So am I wrong for being one of those people? The one who posts the Pinterest perfect life instead of the list of craptastic things that happen each day? Here’s the answer I’ve come to:

Nope. If I don’t share every real ugly moment on my social media feed, it does not make me less of a real person. It doesn’t mean I’m trying to put on a fake face, or make you believe something that’s not real. It doesn’t mean I’m a liar, simply because I haven’t told everyone the whole truth.

You know how you put your best projects, your A+ papers up on the refrigeration for everyone who comes over to see? Social media is like the public fridge. Nobody puts up their grade F essay. At least I don’t. Who wants to come over and see that little Johnny sucks at math? We want to see that he has talent in art.

I’m a person who focuses on the positive. I take the negative, learn from it, and tuck it away. This was not our best vacation. But I want to remember the happy moments. I want to look back fondly on the times when Sadie cannonballed into the water, and Avery and I stole little moments away alone, or when Davis and I went for a run together one morning. I want to think about all the times Ed made me laugh as we sat poolside, because he is so good at making me laugh.

If you know me in real life, then you know that I am far too much of an open book to pretend to be anything but an imperfect person. And I’ll continue to share both my wins and failures here on this blog. I just don’t like to put every flaw out on social media.

How do you feel about putting it all out there?

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