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May 9, 2016

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May 11, 2016

Coconut Lime Salt Scrub

May 10, 2016
cold shoulder dress for spring/summer
Coconut Lime Scrub

I’ve been putting in a ton of hours lately. Standing on my feet for hours on end is part of my normal routine these days, though thankfully life is now slowing down a bit.

My poor feet (and really, my whole body) is in dire need of a treat. So I turned to my pantry to make it happen.

I LOVE bath time – it’s the best way I know to reset and give myself the rejuvenation my body craves. I also love beach time… the smell of coconut and tropical flavors is enough to renew me. Since I don’t see beach time happening any time soon, I’m bringing the smell of the beach to bath time instead.

Combining coconut oil, lime zest, and some sea salt made for a scrub that too me to another place altogether, changing my mood for the better and helping my poor tootsies to get back to happy.

The coconut oil helps to moisturize, while the sea salt scrubs away the icky dry skin that seems to accumulate when I’m not paying attention. The lime oil (found in the zest and essential oil drops) has several benefits, including stress relief AND skin health – it promotes the growth of new skin cells.

You, too, can get your body to a happy place with this easy DIY beauty recipe.

Coconut Lime Scrub Coconut Lime Scrub

Simply mix equal parts coconut oil (I like Aldi’s organic) and sea salt, depending on how large a batch you want to make. Zest a lime (all the good stuff for you is found in the zest), and add 3-4 drops of a lime essential oil for good measure. During the cooler months, I zap the coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it before mixing it all up. You don’t want it to be melted, just soft (or all the heavier ingredients will fall to the bottom).

Then put it in the container of your choosing, use and enjoy!

Coconut Lime Scrub Coconut Lime Scrub Coconut Lime Scrub Coconut Lime Scrub

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