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May 24, 2016

All My Friends Are Doing It

May 26, 2016

The Tornado that Rocked My World

May 25, 2016
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In honor of our Thunderstorm Forecast, I’ve got to share this little known fact about me.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. storms. The energy that is produced is so powerful and majestic, how can anyone NOT get excited from it?!

Every. single. time. a real tornado siren goes off, I immediately get all giddy and run out the door. No lie. On the deck, the porch, the yard… I don’t care. I just want to see something. I want to experience all the craziness that’s on the verge of happening. (of course after knowing my children are safe bc my husband is the responsible one in this situation 😉

Why am I this way? Could be many reasons really. Could be that my nickname was Tornado Tammy (I believe I was more disastrous than my older sister). Could be that when I was about 6 or 7 years old I experienced a few myself.

We were in the middle of Iowa coming home from a called-off softball game and in the rush to get home, it was though time stood still. I can remember looking out the window of the camper (no idea why we drove a pickup camper to a ballgame a few miles from home but anyhoo…) and seeing a skinny tornado in the far off distance to my right; then glancing over and seeing an even skinnier twister off to my left. It was strange, at the time I wasn’t phased. Neither excited nor scared. I don’t remember my parents acting nervous, they were just driving home (albeit probably faster than normal). No panic or concern, just doing business as normal I guess. We quickly went down to the damp farmhouse basement for safe keeping til the storm passed overhead. No destruction occurred that time.

Then not long after this our tiny town got hit. I looked it up online because I wanted to pinpoint the timeframe and details better than my childhood memories could serve me. Turns out on 4/10/1981 Melbourne IA got hit by an F2. This must be the tornado that changed my way of thinking. My dad stood in the yard just a few feet off the front porch steps when the storm roared across the sky. With my sisters already tucked away, I begged my mom to let me stand with him. Not sure why she let me ~ could be my persuasive stubbornness or maybe Dad thought we’d be safe and talked her into it, I don’t know. But I can tell you ~ I’ll never forget it.

I obviously look back on these details fondly and vividly.

The air was wet, thick and heavy; it smelled of summer mud. The sky was a blend of pinks, blues and a little purples; followed by a wall of dark gray. The harsh winds were warm with a chilly chaser. The train-whistle was faint yet distinct. What felt like forever must’ve been minutes before we headed inside to safety. Back outside, after the storm, I remember the eery calm. Everything was so quiet. No animal noises, no traffic, nothing but a gentle breeze and a clear sky. It was like nothing ever happened. Only a few small branches lay motionless on the gravel; our little farm was spared. But the town was a different story. The next day we found out that a tornado ripped through the middle of town, less than a 1/2 mile from us, injuring 9 people and devastating homes and businesses. Praise the Lord there were no deaths.

Despite the serious destruction and possible fatalities, I was hooked from then on out. Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply sadden when I hear of the aftermath it leaves behind and get a little scared… I mean, come on, they are unpredictable forces with extreme strength! Who wouldn’t be a little terrified? But the natural thrill that comes along with tornadoes is totally hard to beat.

I am a storm chaser wanna be. There were a few years there where I was convinced I should be one. My husband and I used to watch the Storm-chasers TV show. Every time, I imagined being with them as they sped off to the next sighting. Eek! Dangerous excitement, used to be my favorite (before kids…now I’m a lame mamma)! It’s hard to admit but I’ve watched the dorky Helen Hunt movie Twister more times than the legal limit. Luckily I’m over that now. Whew.

But forever and always, just know, I’ll be standing outside during storms; anticipating a sighting of my very own. (my apologies to my family for freaking you out! Sorry, I can’t help it!)
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