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June 1, 2016

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June 3, 2016

Swing Bed DIY

June 2, 2016
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There’s one thing I’ve always loved to do.


I grew up with a classic tree swing on our little Iowa farm. I remember spending hours flying through the air desperately trying to reach the leaves high above my feet. I could swing and swing all. day. long.

Then in Jr. High a few friends and I were swinging so wildly, we accidentally broke a window with our porch swing. Whoopsie. Darn troublemakers.

But the memories of those two swings… priceless.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned this little project my husband was working on for our anniversary. Well, here it is… a front porch swing! I absolutely love it and am excited to share it with you!
Porch Swing Bed DIY

First off, I reached out to Facebook friends in search of an old crib mattress. My sweet friend Janelle came to the rescue. Coincidentally she was throwing hers out that coming weekend because her little boy had moved up to a bed with a twin mattress. Sooo, it all started with the mattress. crib mattress DIY

My husband, Jason, looked up swing construction plans but ultimately built it around the mattress itself.

A pathetic list of Materials (sorry I didn’t keep better record of what he used…but you get the idea):

4×4 posts

Pine 1×2’s, 1×4’s, 1×8’s, 2×4’s and whatever other size you like the looks of.

Wood glue


4 Eye bolts

50 feet of rope ~ 1 1/2 in. Poly-Manila from a Nautical online shop.

Here is the STEP by STEP process in picture form:Porch Swing Bed DIY

Lots of wood glue, screws …and waiting… were involved.
Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIY*please note our garage was acting as the new shop’s storage unit before we opened…hence all the stuff in the background. 😉

** Also, we upsized the rope after the holes were drilled. You will notice the holes got larger and moved out in the final product pictures (thanks to a handy broom handle and lots of wood glue).Porch Swing Bed DIY Porch Swing Bed DIYLast step: painted and hung with reenforcement in the rafters. This is one solid swing.
Porch Swing Bed DIY-3 Porch Swing Bed DIY-15 Porch Swing Bed DIY-12Swing decor: Combination of summer colors and textures from Ikea.

Porch Swing Bed DIY-10 Porch Swing Bed DIY-9Now I just need an outdoor rug, my shell collection intermixed and the coffee table painted white. I’ll be sure to IG the final look!
Porch Swing Bed DIY-2Porch Swing Bed DIY-5Porch Swing Bed DIY-6

Eek! I can hardly wait… so many swing memories are waiting to be created. <3 It's my heaven on Earth.

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