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June 23, 2016

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June 24, 2016
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Urbain - wear the story

One of our favorite things about the business we are in is discovering new-to-us products and companies that we love.

When great people pair up with a great idea and a great product, something magical happens. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Logan Ketterling and Urbain. Every product they put out tells a story (in fact, their mottos is ‘wear the story’), and carries a little piece of Minnesota history with it.

Urbain - wear the story!

Logan, the company’s founder, created The Marine as his very first product. Made from wood from The Marine Mill (the first commercial sawmill in Minnesota), these beautiful bracelets are built using cedar wood beads from the Mill, a sterling silver clasp, and come with a custom wood bracelet box. Retailing now for $140, these pieces are limited to 250 pieces and are almost sold out.

The wood they used actually sat preserved at the bottom of the St. Croix River for over 100 years before being discovered by local residents. You’ve just got to check out their unique story by checking out this quick video. 

Urbain - wear the story!

The 1839 (the second piece in the North Collection from Urbain) is now available for the first time. Just $45, this triple wrapped leather bracelet comes in two colors and sizes and combines leather from Red Wing Shoes and wood from the Marine Mill.

Urbain - wear the story! Urbain - wear the story!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Logan and Urbain. It’s going to be exciting – we know that part for sure.

You can follow along with everything Urbain is up to on their Instagram feed, Facebook page, on Pinterest, or on You Tube.

Our thanks to Urbain for sponsoring this post!

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