Honey Garlic Ginger Crockpot Chicken

June 28, 2016

House Tour – My Front Room

June 30, 2016

The Dirty House Coffee Club

June 29, 2016
Honey garlic ginger crock pot chicken - easy to make and delicious too! This version takes out the soy.

I’d love to have you over for coffee. I really would. Stop over anytime…

Except there’s a condition. You have to be understanding and accepting of the state of my home. It is well loved and lived in. My kitchen is cluttered with papers, toys and randomness. You must be willing to step over the shoes, bags, towels, books, balls, etc that have been dropped smack dab in the middle of the mudroom and possibly front entry-way. You need to be OK with the chance that your elbow might stick a bit to the table or that you will need to brush away a few crumbs sitting in front of you. Ignore the tiny rocks & sandy foot prints on the floor; I can promise it’s been cleaned recently. But, you see, my kids are slobs and they are blind to any and every food particle lying on the counter or ice cube dropped on the floor. For that matter, they are blind to all the messes they create. I want them to enjoy childhood so I’m working on the balance of being a ‘responsible family member’ and ‘being a kid’.

In doing this, I have come to one conclusion. To be my friend – you must be Ok with my daily house. Not the ‘photo shoot’ house but the real life one.

Once a week we have a clean house. It’s a brief but glorious 10 minutes.

So who’s in? Will you join me in my Dirty House Coffee Club?

It’s so freeing. It takes away the stress and leaves you to just enjoy each other with or without a spotless kitchen. We owe it to ourselves.

We are all busy mommas – let’s embrace this time with our children and each other. There is plenty of time to have a show-home after the children have left. But for now – let’s be real.

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  1. I will be the VP of your club!! I once left a cheese puff on the floor for 4 days seeing if anyone would pick it up; even the daily sweeper avoided picking it up since it could not be swept up in his electric sweeper 🙁 I finally picked it up because I was getting afraid of ants!!

  2. Beautiful! When you were commenting on your house, I thought my youngest daughter wrote this. She has 3 kids and they are very active being 7, 4 and 2. I was reading Dear Abby years ago and she said Your kids aren’t going to remember how spotless mom got the house, but they will remember the time she spent with them.

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