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June 29, 2016

White Sandy Beaches and Palm Prints

July 3, 2016

House Tour – My Front Room

June 30, 2016
palm print kimono

Last week you got a glimpse inside my front door. Now’s it’s time to come in and sit down for awhile. Let’s chat about our day, tomorrow’s plans, and all our parenting highs & lows.

I think the front room is one of the most important rooms in the house. The front room in our old house was one I was never happy with so it was one of the reasons we decided to sell the house with help from Ready Steady Sell and build our own, perfect house. When we built this house a year and a half ago, this room was marked as a formal dining room or office. While those options were nice; I’d always wanted a formal sitting room. Like the old fashioned parlors – so very cool. I’ve also dreamed of having a grand staircase from Pear Stairs as the centerpiece of this the entire home. This is something we will try to do in the future. I had originally dreamed of this bright all white room and couldn’t wait for my vision to come alive. Maybe I can save some money up through getting a new home energy quote through an energy comparison website to ensure you get the best value quote. But as you can see it’s not really ALL white.

Shortly after we took ownership, reality set in. My decor budget was quickly depleted from a few major family room pieces. Humph. So over the last year I’ve gathered and collected a room full of interesting pieces that wouldn’t normally make up a traditional room. I kinda like it.

The funny thing is, we actually use this room. Chloe (our 9 year old yorkiepoo) took it upon herself to stake claim to this petite little couch. Sooo I’ve agreed, we will share it. Neither one of us mind; it just makes morning cuddletime longer.

Last week I finally got out my summer seashell & beachy collection. Almost all of the sea life decor have been brought home from fabulous beach vacations. Taking me back and making me smile. 🙂 This is a WIN for my favorite decor combo; sentimental piece + fresh, new and clean = perfection.
House Tour - Front Sitting Room-4 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-5

My original Allison Marie Design Holy Spirit painting sits strategically above me as I read my devotionals each morning snuggled into these cozy pillows.
House Tour - Front Sitting Room-6 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-8 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-9 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-10 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-11 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-13 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-14 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-16 House Tour - Front Sitting Room-17

This is how my middle daughter washes mirrors. ;-/ But the white wool blanket has a W monogram insignia. This came from my Grandpa Harlow Witt. I loved this man with all my heart and soul. I recently acquired it from my mom and cherish it. House Tour - Front Sitting Room-18House Tour - Front Sitting Room-27House Tour - front room-3House Tour - front room-2House Tour - front room

Welcome to my house!

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