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July 6, 2016

The Perfect Summer Day

July 11, 2016

Why Not Add More Crazy?!

July 7, 2016
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I have a bad habit of being a bit too spontaneous. I react instead of carefully planning my next step. I’m a free spirit; what can I say?

This time my spontaneity landed me right in the dog house. Literally.

Last week my girls and I were at my parents for a couple of days. The girls were there to help paint and do odds and end chores around the lake to earn a little extra cash. All was well. Then something happened. I woke up, did my devos and lost my brain for about 30 mins. Out of the blue I googled goldendoodle breeders in the area. Why? I have no idea. I’m saying it was a God thing but I pretty sure it was just me being me. Crazy.

Instantly this cute goldendoodle popped up onto my screen and he was only about 25 minutes away from my parents. I called the girls out to the sun room immediately. Sooo girls ~ Do you want to get another dog? What?! Are you serious? Yes, I think so. But of course we’d have to talk to your dad first. One more thing ~ you’d have to buy him. Not daddy. This way he would be yours. Are you still interested? Evelyn: YES! Jillian: YES! Adaline: “Yes, but that’s a lot of money and I feel badly for Chloe (our 9 year old yorkie poodle). She’s not going to like this at all…” As you can see Jilli and Evie inherited my personality and Addie is her dad through and through.

After the breeder confirmed the puppy was still available, I forwarded the link to Jason at work. He was to be the final say. Quite frankly I figured he would probably put an end to my shenanigans as quickly as they started. I was wrong. Jillian finally got him on the phone and explained everything she knew about the dog as she bounced around the yard on cloud 9. He was surprisingly into the idea. Last year during a trip to Chicago our entire family fell in love with our friend’s golden doodle named Wrigley. He was so sweet and so adorable. I guess this worked in our favor.

Within a couple hours we finished the chores for the day, packed up the van and headed over to check out this new puppy.

We were expecting a tiny puppy sized puppy but found a tall 40 lb puppy instead. Oh my! He’s big! Are we sure we want to start out with a puppy this old or this big? But how could we leave this sweet guy behind? He needs us. He was the last of his litter. He is already 5 months old and not getting any younger. He was in desperate need of our love and attention. The family vote was in favor of ‘rescuing’ this big guy.

Since his adoption last Tuesday night, we have fallen head over heels in love with this fella. Especially Adaline and I. His mother is a tall white standard poodle (55lbs) and his father is a stocky, thick-bodied, dark red golden retriever (75lbs). The vet predicts he’ll end up somewhere around 70-80 lbs. Tall and lean. We’re embarrassed to admit but we totally copied my friend and named him Wrigley. It took almost a full week for him to actually respond to his new name. The verdict is still out if he’s smart or not. 😉 But what we do know is he’s super sweet and extra cuddly.

Am I crazy? Yes I am. The sleepless nights of puppyville, the constant correction & training, the researching of tips and tricks from this site to look after him, the never-ceasing ball of energy… what was I thinking? He needed us ~ that’s what I was thinking.

Soo I came to the conclusion ~ Why not add more crazy to my life?

It just adds to the adventure. Wrigley - our goldendoodleWrigley River Hiveley ~ on the way home from the breeder’s house

Wrigley - our goldendoodle-2 Wrigley - our goldendoodle-3 All tuckered out on the sidelines of his first soccer game. Wrigley - our goldendoodle-4Raw hides are a must everywhere we go… he’s a chewer. Wrigley - our goldendoodle-5 Wrigley - our goldendoodle-6 ‘Fox’ is his favWrigley - our goldendoodle-8 He loves the Off-leash dog park!Wrigley - our goldendoodle-7 Wrigley’s first time swimming at the lake and boat ride. Wrigley - our goldendoodle-104th of July lake-time sleeping arrangements. All three of them were in heaven.Wrigley - our goldendoodle-9 I made him be my lap dog. He didn’t mind too much. Wrigley - our goldendoodle-11 And again another day…Wrigley - our goldendoodle-13 Wrigley - our goldendoodle-12

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  1. This is amazing and he is adorable with you and your girls, way to spice up life! I’ve always wanted a teacup pig… I’m going to let this inspire me to spontaneously make that happen one day;)

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