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July 19, 2016

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July 21, 2016

What Summer Looks Like 1/2 Way Through

July 20, 2016
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How are you guys doing with your summer goals? Oh you too? Aaa yeah, my daily goals have flexed and wained with each passing week.

Remember when I started the summer off with high hopes of making this chalk chart work? Has it worked? yes. All the time? no.

Here’s what has worked: The kids know what their duties are without fail. Granted each task is not performed on the strict guideline I’d originally proposed. But at least they chip in to clean the house once a week. I’ve been too lax on enforcing the daily room and loft area pick up. And quite honestly, I’ve done the dishes for them a few times just to get them done. I learned my lesson on this one – I left them in the sink til they got around to doing them and ants joined the party. Yuck! Now that’s gross. So, I’ve had to step in a few times. Oh well it’s not the end of the world. They were at church camp one of those weeks. Sending your kids to summer camp can be a huge help during the summer. It gives you a bit more freetime and you know that your kids are going to have fun. If you are considering sending your kids to camp but aren’t sure where to send them – you can always have a look at something like Ravenscroft Summer Camps to give you a better idea of what summer camps are like. Remember though, only send your kids to summer camp if you know that they’ll love it.

Here’s what hasn’t worked: I was swapping summer chore stories with a neighbor friend while sitting bench-side at Chutes and Ladders yesterday. We were chuckling about our new summer goals vs the original ones. It’s almost comical really. I told her that my new solution to my girls’ never-ending laundry was to just embrace it. I’m choosing to purchase everyone another laundry basket so the girls can have a clean basket and a dirty basket permanently in their room. It solves a couple problems. One. I’m not as stressed out with all the clean clothes being trampled on since now they will be up off the floor. And two. Their cleaning time is cut down significantly. Which means there is a better chance it’ll get done and get done well. Insider secret: ‘Well’ is a relative term in our house. Don’t be impressed.

Another fail: schoolwork. Why is it so hard to practice math over the summer? I tried to make it easy for myself by relying on online games to full-fill these lessons. We’ve been busy and I’ve fallen short on being intentional with this. #goalsduringthelastmonth

We have succeeded though. We are enjoying summer to the fullest. Lots of happy days and nights making memories for a lifetime. It’s all about accepting the new summer goals.

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