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August 9, 2016

On Being Braver

August 11, 2016

Ready for Back To School with Camo, Tassels and Fringe

August 10, 2016
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I’ve up’ed my game lately. At least in my children’s minds that is. It’s not the years of wiping butts or faces. Or the sleepless nights playing nurse to my sickly little ones. Or even the fun shopping sprees for BTS clothing. Nope. None of that matters to my girls. What does? Well, turns out my girls enjoy TV. And even better – they love being on TV. They don’t care that it’s only for 2 minutes or 10 seconds. It’s the idea of it that has their heads spinning.

This morning Wild Ruffle has the honor of talking Back To School fashion with the wonderful folks on Fox9 The Buzz. We can’t wait to show off our new children’s line that just arrived in the shop! And who better to model these amazing fashion pieces than our own lovelies?

They are stoked beyond measure. Last night my 6 year old, Evie, brushed her hair for like an hour. Then moved onto her nails. She informed me, I’m using this awesome nail-thing to smooth down the bumps on top and dig out all the mud. People will see that.   What? Why is there mud?? Moving on. After applying 50 layers of chapstick, she laid in bed stretching each body part to the best of her limited abilities. Was she convinced that her TV debut meant she would be cartwheeling across stage? I’m still not sure what her idea behind that one was. But she was pretty determined not to ‘pull’ any muscles today. Hopefully she’s not disappointed when she finds out she’ll be standing still for her role as ‘child model’ in our BTS fashion segment. All I can do is pray she doesn’t embarrass anyone on live TV today. Evie and live TV shouldn’t even be in the same sentence! What am I thinking?!

Tune in to see what we will all be wearing (and what Ev will do for the cameras ;-)! Be sure to set your DVRs for Fox 9 The Buzz! Channel 9. 9-10am. We are scheduled to be on around 9:30am.

Here’s a sneak peak at my outfit. It counts as a BTS outfit because my Freshman-age daughter already has plans to steal it. Ummm, not if I’m wearing it first, girl! 😉

Camo Dress with tassel accessories-4 Camo Dress with tassel accessories Camo Dress with tassel accessories-9 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-3 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-2 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-5 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-6 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-10 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-8 Camo Dress with tassel accessories-7

Camo dress, tassel necklace, oversized hoop earrings & bracelet  – ALL available in the shop or on // H&M fringe handbag // TKEES lipliner flip flops c/o shopbop

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