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August 10, 2016

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August 15, 2016

On Being Braver

August 11, 2016
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You know how sometimes you read something, and suddenly it’s like you’ve been punched in the gut… in a really good way?

The other day my friend Krista (a missionary living in Swaziland – you can read about my trip out there here) posted this photo, and it was like it was meant for me.

Bravery during hardship

Those words – “Do not pray for the hard things to go away, but for a bravery to come that’s bigger than the hard thing.” Wow.

How many times have I spent asking the Lord to take away something hard? And all this time, I was wording my prayers incorrectly.

The hard times are going to come no matter what. But we weren’t made to be wilting flowers. We were made to be strong and courageous. Those whispers you hear in your head telling you that you can’t accomplish what you’re setting out to do? That you’re bound for failure? And that you’re not good enough? Lies. Ann Voskamp has it right.

You were made for more than the lies in your head tell you that you are. Instead, you were designed to bust down walls and break through doors and grapple with the worst that life will throw at you and you will WIN. And you will do it because when the going gets tough, God gets you up and going.

And He will keep on giving you what you need to continue on as long as you keep asking him to. He will help you find your bravery.

We aren’t promised that life is going to get easier. But we can be certain that it’ll be easier to get through it if we just ask for the strength to do so.

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