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August 31, 2016

Now You See Me

September 6, 2016

No, But Thank You

September 1, 2016
Camo dress
My little family

Have you ever read a life changing book?

I’m in the middle of one right now.

Ok, I’ll admit, I have thought similar thoughts before (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up changed my life for approximately one glorious month, during which time I lived in organized beauty… until the buzz wore off).

But this one? This is for real.

I’m not even done with this book, and it’s already inspiring me to make changes. It’s called Present Over Perfect, and boy does it speak to me. Somehow Shauna Niequist crawled into my head, spoke all the things I have been thinking and feeling, and wrote a book just for me. And seriously, for you too.

Just a few pages in, when she says that she’s developed skills that have made her productive and practical, and that has moved farther and farther away from the warm and whimsical person she used to be, I was hooked.

That’s me.

Someone meeting me today would never guess that I used to be this carefree, spontaneous and fly by the seat of my pants person. I have too much to do to be that person. There’s too much to get done. Even my own business partner doesn’t believe me when I tell her I’m not actually type A!

I want to be perceived as responsible, successful, and someone you can count on. I don’t want to let anyone down. So I volunteer for everything, I say yes to every invitation, I take on every burden, and I shoulder too much, and I cannot let a single ball drop. But a person can only juggle so many of those balls, and it’s my family who bears the brunt of my stresses from it. They get the last scraps of me.

And they are too precious to me to get my leftovers.

Since starting this book, I have already turned down two invitations to things. Fun things. Things that I would’ve loved to have gone to. But it wasn’t best for me, and it wasn’t best for my family to say yes. I let go of my guilt and worry that I’d disappoint… and just said no.

And it felt really good.

The woman I want to be is somewhere in between the persona I’ve adopted in the last few years, and the carefree girl I once was. I’m a work in progress, but it worth the work to get there.

Have you ever felt like me? I highly recommend reading Present Over Perfect – I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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