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September 12, 2016

Welcome to My Life… just ignore the crazy

September 14, 2016

The New Normal

September 13, 2016
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raglan top - Fiercely Loved

Life is different around here these days.

As I told you in my letter to my daughter, my oldest has started middle school. And lucky us – her school has the earliest start time in the state! That means Avery and I getting up a little earlier around here.

Our new normal looks a lot different than it used to.  Whereas before, I woke up before the kids to get in a work out and my quiet time, I just don’t have it in me to wake up at 5. Instead, the alarm goes off just before 6. I make sure Avery is up (my late sleeper sometimes shuts off her alarm without realizing it!), and head downstairs to make her breakfast.

While that’s heating up, I sit down to do my quiet time. By the time she gets to the kitchen, I’m usually wrapping that up. We chat during her breakfast – and I’m loving this time alone with her. We are both still a little groggy, but even when we are quiet, we are together, and it’s precious.

At 6:45, I send her out the door and get a quick 15 minute work out in. It’s not ideal – this girl is used to an hour of movement. But it’s what I have time for, so I’m trying my best to appreciate that I’m finding any time at all.

Then it’s a shower and I move on to round 2 of getting kiddos ready for school. Sadie and Davis get up around 7:15, I make breakfast for them (plus Ed and myself), they get dressed and we are out of the door a few minutes after 8.

Maybe it’s because of my new early morning schedule, or perhaps it’s the change into the fall season, but I’m loving cozy clothing, like my new Fiercely Loved sweatshirt. With its wide and raw neckline, it’s a little nod to the 80s (a huge trend this year) and is the perfect weight for this transitional time of year. And when I don’t have time to do my hair – it’s a floppy hat to the rescue!

raglan top - Fiercely Loved raglan top - Fiercely Loved floppy hat raglan top - Fiercely Loved raglan top - Fiercely Loved raglan top - Fiercely Loved raglan top - Fiercely Loved raglan top - Fiercely Loved

top and hat – The Wild Ruffle Shop; skirt – H&M; shoes – Target

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