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September 14, 2016

When Your Recipe Is a Liar

September 20, 2016

Mondays, I Love You

September 19, 2016
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The other day, I had THE most annoying day. It wasn’t as if anything particularly terrible happened. Just a string of really annoying things, one after another, that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I found myself exhausted by the end of it, physically and emotionally.

When I woke up feeling salty the next day, still mulling over the unfairness of my yesterday, I simply prayed for a do-over of my attitude. And that’s what I love about mornings (though trust me, this night owl has had a hard time falling in love with mornings). Every day, you get a chance to have a do over. A clean slate. No mistakes made yet, and no bad news.

And so, in the same vein, I’m trying hard to view Mondays with the same rose colored glasses. Rather than an end to the fun of the weekend or a return to the grind, I’m choosing to look at Mondays as my clean slate. My do over days. A chance to face a week with no mistakes in it yet, and take off running.

Yep, that’s right. You see all those posts and memes hating on Mondays. No more of that for me.

So Mondays, cheers to you. You are my new favorite. Yes, you bring with you early mornings and the hustle and bustle of our weekly schedule. But you also bring a hopefulness that I can start over and be the Cate I’d like to be this week. Last week I may have made more mistakes than I’d like to admit, but this week? This is my week. And it all starts with Monday.

Are you a Monday lover?

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