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September 21, 2016

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September 26, 2016

An Accessorized Life

September 22, 2016
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We spend a lot of time talking about the new clothing items that come streaming through our door in big boxes from UPS and Fed Ex every week (seriously, it’s like Christmas all the time around here for us as we open everything up).

But we don’t spend nearly enough time giving some love to our other important fashion items – the accessories!

And believe me, there is much to get excited about these days.

I know we might not be ready for winter, but today is the first day of fall. And after fall, comes the frozen tundra months when we Minnesotans layer up and brace ourselves for the blast of cold that will hit us full force when we open our doors. Those frosty days are made so much easier (and so much cuter) when you have some cozy gear to wear, don’t you think?

These scarves will do the trick. We have these, and so many more, in the shop. Every style, color, and weight is represented, with buttons and without, blanket styles and more, so stop in and check them out!

Cozy scarves Cozy scarves

If you have a scarf, you must also think of covering your head. And we have so many options!

Beanie hat with fur pom pom

And if it’s not so chilly, or if you’re looking to hide that unwashed hair, we have a bajillion caps to keep you covered.

California trucker hatSuede ball caps Ball cap with leather bill

If a cap isn’t right for you, try a floppy hat instead!


In the market for a little bling? I have all the heart eyes over the latest bracelets we’ve gotten in. Ooh, the leathery goodness, for just $20 each!

Leather bracelets

This tank style sweater dress is super versatile – layer it up and wear it all winter long!


New items from Kaye and Co, Twisted Timber, Flezpirations, Pink Linen, Excelsior Candle Co, and more are lining the shelves! And there are earrings and necklaces too – stop in to see the cutest ever MN necklaces. We are in love.

new-to-shop-wild-ruffle new-to-shop-wild-ruffle new-to-shop-wild-ruffle

Hope to see you soon!

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