Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Soup

September 27, 2016

Life Is a Scramble

September 30, 2016

How Did You Get Poop in Your Eye?

September 28, 2016
Easy and delicious pumpkin soup

Because life is never dull around here – yesterday morning did not disappoint.

Our well oiled morning machine got a wrench thrown in the mix at 6:30am – but did we stumble? No, we did not. That’s right, we actually slayed that morning. Tag-team parents got the job done; 2 out of 3 kids made it to the buses on time. Yay! Score 1 for Team Hiveley. It’s the small wins.

{6:30am} I’m down in the kitchen trying to get breakfast on the island as quickly as possible for Jilli. {OK, I’ll be honest – it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch but to redeem myself – the day before was scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast. My breakfast skillz can’t always be amazing right?} All of a sudden Adaline appeared in tears cupping her eye. Oh no, what’s wrong babe?    

My eye kills. I can’t even open it. I think I might have pink eye!

What?! How did you get poop in your eye?!! Gross Honey!

I have no idea, Mom. I didn’t, but it hurts so badly. 

{Skip ahead past the mad-dash out of the house to the 8am Dr. appointment} Turns out Addie has a sinus infection and pink eye. I consoled my daughter because of her head pain but was only truly concerned about how poop might have gotten into her eye. I think I mentioned it to her Dr a couple of times before she corrected my facts. I kept saying something about how poop could’ve gotten in her eye. The Dr. finally said, Her pink eye is from her sinus infection. It made her tear duct plug up and got infected. No poop was involved in this one. 

What?! Oh someone told me a few years ago that is what causes pink eye. That’s weird.

MOM! You’ve been telling me for years that pink eye means you got poop in your eye! Nice.

Sooo, needless to say, I’m a fool. hahaha joke’s on me. Nothing like spreading lies and false information to your children.

For those wondering, poop in your eye does in fact cause pink eye but that is not the only cause of this gross, highly contagious infection. It could just be a plain ol’ cold.   phew.

How does all this poop talk tie into my outfit post? Welp. That was just the side story of my crazy morning. Adaline and I rushed out of the Dr. office to arrive at the Fox9 studio just in time for Wild Ruffle’s regular fashion segment. Here’s what I wore on TV yesterday. We talked about fashion ruts and mine is wearing all black – all the time. I’ve started mixing it up by throwing navy in with my blacks. I’m enjoying the much needed change.

AND I’m sorry. The word poop was used 7 times in this post. Now 8.

black-and-navy-its-ok-now-10 black-and-navy-its-ok-now black-and-navy-its-ok-now-2 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-3 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-4 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-5 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-8 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-6 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-7 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-11 black-and-navy-its-ok-now-9{check out our twinsie pic: blond hair – one eyed pose LOL}


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