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October 11, 2016

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October 13, 2016

Sometimes I Just Let the Professionals Do All the Work For Me

October 12, 2016
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Sometimes I just let the professionals do all the work. It makes a busy week a little bit easier. Take shopping for instance. Normally I’m all over it – jumping and bounding at the chance to take someone shopping because – you know – one for you, two for me kinda shopping. I’m sorry but it’s too easy to find fun stuff I need. Plus I do tend to lose focus of the task at hand quite often. Distractions run rampant at MOA. Squirrel.

My saving grace has been! I don’t use exclamations very often but when I do – you know I mean business. The buying professionals over there stock this site with all the latest styles just for me. Making my tireless shopping days a thing of the past. My favorite category on The SHOES. hands down. They make it so easy to find anything and everything I want need.

And luckily for you – there is a major SALE going on over there starting right now through Midnight Friday October 14th Pacific Time. The beauty of this sale is that it fits into your schedule – almost too perfectly, really. Start browsing by clicking HERE. Again – it’s only 3 days so shop early, shop fast – before your size is gone. Don’t forget to use the code MAINEVENT16 at the checkout to get your discount!shopbop MAINEVENT16 SALE

I’ve posted many times about my shopbop shoes. Like here, here and here or my excited IG posts here and here. But I learned a little about this fab company during my last experience. I clicked on shopbop to window shop new fall boots. As so many times in the past, I found exactly what I was searching for almost immediately. Was it fate? Absolutely. I hit order. The shipment alert said it’d be to my house in 2-3 days. The VERY next day my new boots arrived at my doorstep. Wow that was freaky fast. Such a speed rivals Jimmy Johns.

Ohh I love my new boots. Everything about them … wait… the zipper. It’s stuck and won’t budge. Boohoo, I really wanted to wear them this weekend. I tried and tried to get my wide foot into these knee high suckers and eventually I did but the trauma wasn’t something I would look forward to every time I wore them. So I called Customer Care. The lady I spoke with should be in the running for Customer Service Girl of the Year (CSGY – that should be a thing). In her extra cheery and sugar sweet voice, she told me how sorry she was that happened and she will send out a new pair ASAP. Once I receive the new pair, put the damaged pair into that same box and return it using their return label. What? No questions asked? Seriously? You know where this story is going because it’s all so good. That’s right. I got the new pair of boots the next day. I’ve worn them about 6 out of the 10 days I’ve had them. Yup, I’m forcing them ‘go’ with everything because I love them so.
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Sooo to those of you not enamored with footwear – the good news is that carries everything fashion. Clothing, accessories, jewelry, mens, womens, you name it – they probably have it or something like it. I’ve pulled out a few fun MN necessities just for you. Take a look and enjoy!

Canada Goose
winter-coatsRag & Bone/Jean rag-boneSorelsorel

Happy Shopping my friends!

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