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November 8, 2016

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November 10, 2016

The New Hot Topic!

November 9, 2016
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This is me ~ ignoring all the election hubbub. That’s old news. Not because I don’t care about our country or whom we elect to lead it, but it’s the day after and I’m moving onto something else. Something less controversial. Well maybe my topic is up for hot debate? You tell me…

Would you wear plaid and camo together? That is the question of the day.

Well I would and I DO! And don’t make any bones about it.

Almost every time I’ve worn camo this season I’ve paired it with plaid. Back in August I wore it for our Back to School Fox9 The Buzz segment talking about trends. At the time, it didn’t even cross my mind that someone wouldn’t like it. Truly it didn’t. Because, come on. Totally cute right? Well evidently not to everyone. I got a negative comment on our Facebook page about it almost immediately. I was like – What? Humm, I guess differing opinions are out there and those people aren’t afraid to voice it to your face (screen-face anyway. There lies a whole ‘nother hot topic). OK – meaniepants. I didn’t go on your FB page and say that you looked ridiculous but whatevs. Oh well. As you can tell I’m not bitter about it or anything. Ha! 13827196_1757158314525620_497756923_n

So, even after the fashion-blow I continued to proudly display my love for camo and plaid. I just didn’t care if others were secretly thinking I looked like a buffoon. I liked the way it looked.

Then the other day Cate broke it to me while we were taking pics of new shop merchandise- she wouldn’t wear it together either! What? Seriously? After I pressed her, it turns out she would maybe wear it but only if she were mixing big print with small. I’m more of a ‘anything goes’ kinda girl as long as my eye likes how it blends together. I don’t have a formula for this one. The good news is we just laughed ~ because to each their own. Seriously, the positive thing about fashion is that YES there are some clear fashion DOs & DON’Ts but for the most part the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So my question to you remains the same…

Would you wear camo and plaid together?

check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-2 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-3 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-4 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-5 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-6 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-7 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-8 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-9 check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-11

Target camo tank top // Wild Ruffle plaid flannel // Wild Ruffle faux shearling jacket // Wild Ruffle tassel necklace // Hudson jeans // Freebird by Steven Coal Tall Boots c/o

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