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November 22, 2016

Get Falalala-Lucky With The Shops of Downtown Prior Lake

November 28, 2016

I’m a Thanksgiving Baby

November 23, 2016
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Soooo yesterday was my birthday. As much as I embrace celebrating birthdays ~ like birthday-week or even birthday-month ~ …I may as well get it for myself, I mean, it is my birthday this month and all…

Although as the years go by I get less and less excited about the whole birthday thing, and it’s not why you think.

Someone just asked me if my birthday ever lands on Thanksgiving. Why yes it does and I love it. Why? Because then my whole family is with me on my day. 

It’s not because anyone is actually celebrating ME on Thanksgiving. My love for it comes from being together. I guess I’ve significantly matured throughout the years. THANK GOD, it’s about time- says everyone involved in my life. I’ve figured out through trial, error and life experiences that my love language is Spending Quality Time. (the online quiz also helped confirm it 😉 Take one if you haven’t, it’s kinda fun to know.

I enjoy spending time with my people.

It’s less about what I get for my birthday or what we do and more about talking, laughing, crying, teasing, cuddling, yelling, and sharing our heart & soul with each other. LIFE. Doing real life. These are the joys that fill my days. I’m about to get deep here folks – but after all is said and done – things seriously mean nothing! It’s so cliche but oh so true. The relationships you build are what matter most. I get to thank God with Thanksgiving every year when my birthday comes around. I don’t think about what I want, instead I’m reminded about who I am and who I’m blessed to spend my life with.

I am a thankful person by nature. I thank God everyday for the big and little things. Maybe it comes easily to me in my old age because I’ve shared my birthday with the holiday of thankfulness for so many years. I have graduated from the greed of the birthday-holiday and embraced what matters most.

Yesterday was one of my favorite birthdays to date. Nothing extravagant. It was simple and perfect. Starbucks, a little mani-pedi pampering with friends and a fancy dinner cooked and served by my loves. We finished the evening cuddled up by the warm fire watching movies while the snow fell all around us outside. I will remember this birthday fondly. I love my tribe and am fully aware the blessings they bring to my life.

Here’s a quick collage of my day (most of the photo creds belong to my 7 year old photographer, Evie).birthday-collage

One of the special cards I received today. Homemade cards are the best ~ especially when your high-schooler is still making them. <3 ba836983-23b0-46e8-a9ce-b347e63918eb

Happy THANKSGIVING everyone! xoxo T

On a side note: I’m also thankful for owning a clothing store – so many things to pick from so little time. 😉 For instance all these little goodies are both in the shop and online!! New Wild Ruffle Shop items New Wild Ruffle Shop items
Floral printed dress
oversized-knit-blanket-poncho-my-new-love check-button-down-plaid-and-sherling-jacket-4 Plaid flannel and a long vest Asymmetrical sweater with camo jeans Camo jeans You, Me, Pizza top wild_ruffle_buffalo_check_deerhead_sweatshirt-2in-everything-give-thanks-tee-lace-up-knee-high-boots-2 new-in-the-wild-ruffle-shop

Don’t forget to stop by this weekend for SHOP SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!! We are excited to see you!

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