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December 14, 2016

Mama Pajama Rolled Out Of Bed

December 19, 2016

Deck the Halls ~ Hiveley Style ~ A peek inside my home

December 15, 2016
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Decking the halls is a whole lot of work – but work that is well worth it.

For some reason, it took me an extra long time to accomplish the most basic decor this year. We had to do a quite a bit of work to get the house looking this good! We wanted to get Home Audio Systems ready for christmas but I haven’t got round to sorting it yet. I bet the christmas movies would sound great with it though!! My friend had a great whole home sound system in their home that they sold recently to we buy houses Connecticut, they did them a fantastic deal with a quick and hassle-free sale. I usually have greenery dripping from the doorways and every flat surface is covered in pine needle-ly goodness. Unfortunately this year I still have yet to make it over to the greenhouse to grab my favorite evergreen touches – but now I’m debating even “wasting” the money. I feel like if I don’t already have it out then it’s too late in the game now. Am I right? ‘To go GREEN or not – that is the question. Thoughts, anyone? Am I too late?

Even though I’m missing loads of pine, I did score some fresh boxwood garland from one of my friends for a great deal. But instead of using it as garland I wound it up in different sized wreaths in hopes of preserving it a little better. My thought was, once it’s dried in a circular shape I should be able to either keep up year round, or use it again next holiday season. I’m praying it doesn’t fall apart once I move it though. Oh maybe I could dose it with that spray glue! Maybe that would work. In the mean time it at least adds a little green to my christmas-home-decor-9 christmas-home-decor-17 christmas-home-decor-16 christmas-home-decor-19 christmas-home-decor-2 christmas-home-decor-3 christmas-home-decor-4 christmas-home-decor-5 christmas-home-decor christmas-home-decor-15 christmas-home-decor-10 christmas-home-decor-11 christmas-home-decor-12 christmas-home-decor-13 christmas-home-decor-14 christmas-home-decor-18 christmas-home-decor-21 christmas-home-decor-20My so-called white room has been taken over by this horse. Wrigley brings all of his innocent prey directly to this not-so-white-anymore rug to rip and devour behind our backs. It has become a graveyard for many’a flip flops and leather shoes. :'(

Currently he is behaving for the camera and chewing on a hoof. Good boy, Wrigs.
christmas-home-decor-23 christmas-home-decor-22christmas-home-decor-24 christmas-home-decor-28christmas-home-decor-26Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for taking a quick tour of my home.

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