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December 27, 2016

Holiday Traditions Make All the Difference

December 21, 2016
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I grew up with a few holiday traditions. Some I will never forget and I’m sure- some that I’ve long forgotten. Either way, they’ve molded and shaped how I parent my children today.

Do you keep holiday traditions? Please share because it’s so fun to peer into everyone else’s lives during such a special time of year.

As a child, I can remember each year preforming in the church Christmas pageant in little Rhodes, IA. Foggy memories of simple songs and my mom’s stuffed lamb standing proudly in our manger scene. The best part came towards the end of the night when Santa would burst into the sanctuary with a bag full of goodies. I’d never tasted anything so sweet. We received a paper sack of goodies that would never fly in this day and age. My kiddos would be appalled at the lack of sugar and artificial additives. Each gift bag contained an orange, an apple, and shelled peanuts mixed with a few old-fashioned hard candies. We were all delighted to open it up every year. Awh the memories…

And even though my family was rooted in wonderful traditions – I later found out we were no match for the family I was about to marry into. That Hiveley family. Wow, they loved their traditions.

The Hiveley family even carried out weekly traditions – Friday night pizza each week. Same pizza, same time, same place. For years! They also order the exact same thing every time they went go out to eat. It makes it fun to guess which one of the two things Grandma Patty will order on the menu. 😉 xoxo

All this being said, you can imagine our kids had a pretty high chance of inheriting the love of traditions. And surprise NOT, they do! I made the mistake of merely suggesting we go to a different restaurant this Christmas Eve – needless to say I barely made it out with my life. The resounding NO WAY was clear. They love their traditions and I adore them for it.

Here are our Hiveley family holiday traditions:

Christmas Eve –

  1. Get fancy. Go to church. Sing, worship and get our thanksgiving on! Happy Birthday Jesus!
  2. Gorge ourselves on rare steak at Fogo de Chao (a Brazilian steakhouse)
  3. Go home, turn on the fireplace and all the Christmas lights.
  4. Open new PJs. and slippers.
  5. Snuggle up all together and watch Elf.
  6. Track Santa on a GPS app Jason has.
  7. Sprinkle Magic Reindeer food in the yard and set out milk and cookies for Santa.
  8. Read the Christmas Story in the Bible and dream sweet dreams (meanwhile the parents have a glass of wine and finish up wrapping gifts ~ awhh the silence is golden)
  9. Wake up on Christmas morning, open gifts, and eat cinnamon rolls.
  10. Go to Grandpa and Grandma Buck’s house for loads of cousin fun!

We are counting down the days til we get to preform these rituals all over again! Christmas is a glorious day around this house!! And the traditions we honor now will shape and mold my girls’ memories into cherished ones. My prayer is that they will pass a few of these precious moments onto their children.

Speaking of traditions, I just dug out this vintage stole passed down from my grandmother. She had the most beautiful furs – I’m lucky to have a few of them. <3

I paired this treasured hand-me-down with a new denim tunic dress from the shop. Two classic looks rarely paired together. My thought as I got dressed – this look is much like my home decor. Rustic glam. Love. My color pop – a red bagged Christmas gift from a sweet sweet friend! I decided to let the bright gift wrap of the season add to my outfit today instead of competing against it. And then my favorite new hair accessory? It’s a furry scrunchy! I’ve started making them and can’t wait to start selling them in the shop! 🙂 soon very soon…

Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur Rustic glam - denim and fur

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