What’s In A Name?

December 28, 2016

Cheers to the New Year!

January 2, 2017

And This Year is No Exception… Boo.

December 29, 2016
Black knit sweater with open weave paneling

I wish I could say that this year is different.

I wish I could describe to you my daily workout routine and healthy diet.

But I can’t.

Sadly, I’m at the same point as the rest of America. The holidays have gotten to my bottomline slowly over the past month and a half. But even worse – I’ve reached an all time low. My trouble spots are pretty much a given but you know it’s bad when you start gaining new problem areas! Yikes! Without going into too many gory details about the added bit of insulation and stress I’ve put my pant zippers though, I’ll just tell you – I’m joining the rest of the world in resetting a healthy diet and workout regimen starting with January 1. Ugh. So lame but soooo very true.

In the mean time I’ve enjoyed the extra cream and sugar whole heartedly. The beauty of it all is the oversized fashion trend that’s goin’ on these days. I can wear and re-wear this dress creating all sorts of looks for any occasion. I tend to wear it simply with tall boots and a blanket scarf but today I chose a sweater-scarf and lace up heels. The only touch of jewelry is my oversized hoop earrings. Simple chic. Sometimes that’s the best way to go. No muss no fuss.

Wine turtleneck dress available at the WR shop or online // DKNY textured tights from TJMaxx // Dolce Vita Hampton Lace Up Heels c/o Shopbop.com

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  1. Bu sefer yukarıdaki vorticity – dinamik konveksiyon durumu sabahkine göre çok iyi, doÄŸusu ve güneyindeki dikey güç kaybı yok olmuÅŸ, yağışın sabahkine göre daha saÄŸlam temelleri var.Hem cut-off alçağımız İç Anadolu’da oklüde olabiliyor bu sefer…Bunun sıcak oklüzyon mu, soÄŸuk oklüzyon mu olduÄŸunu modelin diÄŸer çıktılarına ul±mÄılaÅadŸağı için çözebilmiÅŸ deÄŸilim.

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