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February 1, 2017

Cuz I Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith

February 6, 2017

Get Back Up Again

February 3, 2017
Denim button down and moto pants
Cozy polka dotted dress

If you haven’t seen the trolls movie yet – you should. It’s pretty darn cute and has some catchy tunes. You never know when they’ll apply to your own life, so best to keep ’em tucked into your pocket for a day like I had yesterday.

Nothing Earth shattering happened. Just annoyances constantly coming at me. You know one of those days when you just can’t win. Gah. That was my yesterday.

Here’s the short, edited rundown [my venting session]: My winter-bod doesn’t fit into my favorite jeans so obviously automatic bad mood. When I finally moved onto my soft pants and could feel every jiggle and chub. Ugh. thanks for the support soft pants. Normally I can count on you for the love, not today. My phone AND laptop are on the fritz… like constantly doing wonky things. I can’t bring myself to go to MOA again and sit at the apple store just so they can say it’s fixed and then turns out it’s not. The shop POS system is the worst thing EVER! Every report I try to compilate – just won’t. I have people waiting for me to accomplish the things I can’t. It’s a horrible feeling. My stress level is rising because the 2.5 hours I had to accomplish my tasks were wasted on the phone with support telling me they haven’t figured that one out yet. Uummm, what?!! All the while being disconnected through transfers a few times so I had to start all over again from scratch with the next person answering the 1-800 number. BLAH. [insert hair pulls and head pounds] And if you know me personally, you know I tried to be as kind as I could but I was done. D.O.N.E. After I didn’t get any closer to solving my issues on the phone, I, for sure, was taking everyone down around me. Yep, my patience had checked out for the day. Dinner? What? You guys have to eat EVERY night?! Nope. I don’t want to make that complicated dinner I had planned anymore. It was too hard at that point. So through all three daughters’ many complaints, I grilled cheese quesadillas and topped them with baby arugula and salsa. I happily counted that as dinner served and forced them to eat it (fortunately for me Jason had a late night at work). Then sadly the girls decided they wanted me to repeat myself four times in a row, three times too many. “Ok funny, now back to your homework you guys.” “Seriously, homework please.” “Girls! Do your homework.” “GIRLS!!! HOMEWORK NOW!!”  Great, now I’m the bad guy – and I’m all upset with myself. Why can’t I control my emotions better? Why can’t I just turn to them after saying it the first time to ensure they comply with my request in a loving tone? I suck at this.

…then I get this text from a friend that knows me inside and out.  Thank the Lord for friends! I laughed out loud and moved on. I needed to be reminded of my own advice. True JOY. I’ve got it – so I’ve got this too.

I drove the girls to church and sang shouted the Trolls song performed by Anna Kendrick, Get Back Up Again with my 7 year old. It was my theme song for the day and ohh so right on.

One last thing – The rest of my week was positive. Including the shop getting new stuff for spring – so not everything is going wrong! Check out this amazing plaid and open weave cardi sweater!! Love.

You can knock, knock me over but I’ll get back up again! 🙂

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