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April 12, 2017

You Look Good

April 17, 2017

Making it all Work

April 14, 2017
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Minnesota is home baseball tee

Our spring schedule is gearing up.

Each morning Jason and I have a de-briefing on who’s running whom where and when. Some days are easier than others annnd, to be honest, not all the activities have started quite yet but so far so good! We’ve got this. Even though Evie has only been late to school twice this week. …Oh wait, that has nothing to do with it. Darn. Sadly, that’s just Ev and I messing around in the morning – that has nothing to do with our after-school schedules. Either way, I’m still blaming her tardies on that. wink wink. Clearly that’s a solid mom-fail.

Speaking of my little lady, I’m not sure what we were thinking. This first grader is signed up for wayyyy too much. In about two weeks she will be involved in soccer, piano, dance and track all at the same time. Ahh! Since she loves to be busy and active, she will be just fine. Subsequently, I think the only one suffering will be me and possibly Jason. My oldest has a couple HS track meets each week. And my middle is busy with both Jr.High track and U13 soccer. None of this touches on the 3 times a week we are involved with church activities. Wait. Have I even mentioned I’m coaching track and Jason is coaching soccer? Again, what were we thinking? This is what we all do, right? We are running the race and loving every minute of it.

This, too, is a season of life. We plan to live in the rush of the moment while it lasts but truly enjoy the slow pace when feel glimpses of it.

As I run from activity to activity I realize I need an outfit that works for it all. This tencel button-down tunic/dress is the perfect addition to my spring wardrobe. As soon as the weather warms up a bit, I can wear it alone paired with flip flops or the new platform Puma’s I have arriving at my doorstep any day now. But until then I will be switching between white denim and dark skinnies to make my outfit complete. Such a basic item yet an essential part of my closet. Stop in to try one on for yourself! Available in the shop or online.

And don’t forget the cutest little add-on accessory. Neck scarves are big this season! Be one of the first to sport ’em in your circle.

Tencel tunic - new for spring! Tencel tunic - new for spring! Tencel tunic - new for spring! Tencel tunic - new for spring! Tencel tunic - new for spring! Tencel tunic - new for spring! Tencel tunic - new for spring!

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