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Cate Mezyk - April 20, 2017

Happy Location-versary to Us

Cate Mezyk - April 28, 2017

Totally Blank

Cate Mezyk - April 24, 2017
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My family is worried for their future.

They’re seriously concerned that they will soon be caring for me as my memory fails and I fall into a life of dementia.

I kid you not. I remember nothing.

Or rather, I remember things that help me not at all.

For instance, I can remember every word to this random song that I had to sing in 6th grade choir. It’s been stuck in my head all day.

“The teacher says I have to learn this song from memory. She says it looks professional; it sounds like work to me. I stand up here with shaking knees and cold and sweaty hands. When I signed up for chorus this was not what I had planned. Just no mistaking ’em, can’t get away from ’em; the low down can’t use my sheet music blues.”

Why oh why do I remember that? And yet, I cannot remember actual conversations I have. Or why I walked up the stairs… even though I know there was a purpose to it. Even as I type, I’m thinking to myself – have I wrote a post about this before? I probably have and I just can’t REMEMBER it!

The other night, whilst sitting at the dinner table, I opened my mouth to tell a story. The 4 faces around the table stared at me weirdly, until finally one of my kids spoke up to inform me that I had already told this story. At dinner. The night before. Seriously?! What is my mind doing to me?

Please tell me I’m not alone. Are you, too, suffering from memory struggles? Tell me I’m normal. That this issue will fade when I’m not as busy, or not as tired. Or something. Anyone?

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