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May 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Times 70

May 22, 2017

Hats, Hats & more Hats

May 19, 2017
Orange and navy tie dyed dress
Cold shoulder dress

Hats are my life lately. Making their way into every aspect of my everyday. [full disclosure side note: I believe I told someone the other day that tank tops were my life, sooo… ]

There’s no doubt I was obsessed with scarves for the last few years. But now. As you can see it has become HATS. Like here and here and here. Clearly, you too, are obsessed.

We have heard you loud and clear – these distressed Minnesota hats are your deal. Your jam. And we are nothing short of excited to supply you with them! As soon as we stock ’em, you buy ’em. OK ok, we get it… make more!

Soo my goal is to have these bad boys restocked for the weekend. As you peruse the farmer’s market here on Main Avenue, please stop by to try on a hat or two. You won’t be sad you did. Although if you visit us before then I’ll be held up in the backroom sewing all the live long day. But no complaints here – I’m happy to fill your requests.

Another current hat favorite is this panama style. Sleek and stiff. The perfect accessory to this new lacey tank & white denim but also all the little flirty dresses I can’t wait to get my sun tanned body into later this month. The sun promises to make an appearance again soon, right?! Understandably rain has it’s benefits but I prefer it intermixed with beautiful rays of sunshine. Like last Monday – wasn’t that the day it thunder stormed all morning and a few hours later it was sunny and humid? Umm. love those Minnesota spring days.

Annnd I have to give a little shout out to the great price on our panama hats. Compared to J.Crew, it’s a steal of a deal at only $28! Even better, we have three different colors to choose from. Stop in or shop online HERE.

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