June 19, 2017

The Ukulele Summer

June 26, 2017

Summer is For Relaxing. Or Not.

June 23, 2017
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Floral jumper

Ah, summer. Those lazy days of sleeping in, nothing on the calendar, and endless hours for the kiddos to use their imagination and play all day.

It feels like it should be that way, but somehow it has been exactly the opposite for those of us in the Mezyk household this summer so far.

Clearly, I was not paying attention when I signed up the kids for activities. Because we have blasted right out of the gate of school ending with a plethora of stuff to do. Every moment has been filled.

I typically fill up on gas every two weeks, because I’m a minivan mama who gets great mileage and all our activities are within 10 minutes of our home for the most part.

Not so this summer. I filled up on Monday evening, and my empty light is already screaming at me (it’s currently Thursday afternoon as I type). I laugh about how Mom is always the taxi driver, but never has it been more true than right now.

What was I thinking?!

But guess what? We’ve got NOTHING scheduled today (Friday). Ok, so we have a chiropractic appointment on the calendar. But other than that, NOTHING! Hmm, so maybe my oldest has a pool party tonight. But that’s it! Good heavens, I really hope I’m not forgetting anything else. But I’m pretty sure that’s it!

We are going to sleep late (well, at least that’s the plan for the young ones in the house). Leisurely get ready. And then go to our friends’ home, because they conveniently live on a lake and those are the best kinds of friends to have during summers in Minnesota. It’s going to be glorious, I tell ya.

Is your calendar chock full too? Or are you taking it easy this summer?

By the way, if you have to run around town like crazy, you should definitely do it in the floral jumper. It’s like wearing pajamas, it’s so comfy. And if I scoot it down my hips a bit, it becomes long enough to pair with heels and wear out to dinner. Best. Outfit. Ever. Find it at the shop or online here.

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