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July 6, 2017

De-Clutter My World

July 12, 2017

Conquering the Beast

July 10, 2017
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There is a beast who lives in our home.

This particular beast grows at a rapid rate. He divides himself and spreads to all areas of the houses. Places where he should not be. Places where one wouldn’t think this beast would even think to go.

The other residents here are supposed to help me control the beast, but they don’t seem to be much help. My plan of allowing them to tackle the beast on their own doesn’t seem to be working well. Because, as I said, he just keeps growing.

You see, our laundry situation is out of control. My kids don’t seem to believe that they can wear an item more than once before it hits the pile of dirty clothing. And there’s no way I’m going to pull it back out once it nestles in with the dirty undies or the sweaty Under Armour gear. And oh, the towels! We have these handy hooks in each of their bathrooms that seem to confuse them, since they bring them to their rooms and instead deposit them right on the floor.

Also, I find laundry in random spots around the house. Stinky socks that strip themselves off little feet and end up everywhere. Sweaty tees from various sports left in the mud room. And for heaven’s sake, do NOT open the dance bags because you might actually die from the smell of their rotten leotards stuffed inside.

My oldest daughter is supposed to do her own laundry. I have been trying the hands off approach. You know, where I wait to see when she’ll actually get it done rather than scold her for procrastinating. Teaching her responsibility and self motivation and all that jazz. She loves to wait until her choices are either be naked or do the washing before getting around to it. I have to wonder if she’s going commando since there’s no way she could have any clean pairs of underwear left at this point.

My littles are supposed to sort their dirty stuff, then put it away once I’ve washed and folded it. Instead, they’ve devised a new tactic whereupon they just wear the same items over and over again, taking from the clean pile I put in their room, rather than ever returning it to a shelf. Because of this, I decided they must not need as many clothes, and we went through their closets to donate a ton (it was during this purge session that I learned Sadie hates loose fitting dresses and skirts that can’t be worn casually over a pair of leggings – so if anyone spies a great skin tight bodycon dress for an 8 year old, give me a heads up. Sigh). Their closets are now slim and trim, and yet the laundry beast still grows.

This weekend, I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to slay the beast. I threw in load after load until my angry washing machine couldn’t take it anymore (did I mention my spin cycle is currently on the fritz, so I have to hand wring it all before sliding it into the dryer?). Every single article of clothing we own is now clean, except for the ones currently on our bodies. I dumped all of Avery’s on top of her bed, unfolded. She’s going to be so excited when she comes home from her friend’s house and finds it! A giant stack awaits Sadie and Davis right inside the doors to their rooms. A fun little gift from Mom.

I’m sure the beast will be back to rear his ugly head again soon. But for now, he is conquered.

Do you have issues with the laundry beast?

laundry pile

Actual photo of Avery’s laundry pile. Yikes!

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