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July 24, 2017

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July 28, 2017

Davis Week 2.0

July 26, 2017
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Crochet detailed tank
Mint dress with crochet details

My son has spent a lot of time at the dance studio over the years, watching his sisters practice.

And for the very first time since they began, he loves their chosen sport. Not because he suddenly has an appreciation for the art form of dance itself. Nope – it’s because they try out for two long weeks each summer.

Those two long weeks have now been dubbed ‘Davis Weeks’ in our home.

For the first time, Sadie now stays all day with her sister. We drop them off and 9 am, then come back at 3. And in between? Davis and I party.

For Davis Week #1, we filled our days with Valleyfair, play dates with friends, sushi lunch (his choice!), and more. We are now on Davis Week #2, or 2.0 as we’re calling it (his idea). We started out with donuts (because yum!), and headed off to golf. Lunch was enjoyed at his pick, Chipotle. A playdate at the lake was up next, followed by another round of Valleyfair (weather permitting).

I love that my girls are off doing something they love, and I get one on one time with my guy. He’s seriously the best. And when it’s just us, he asks thoughtful questions, and tells me things he wouldn’t otherwise. When you have three kids, it’s hard to find time to pour into each one individually, and I’m loving the opportunity I’m getting with Davis Week.

To start off Davis Week 2.0, I donned this new mint dress from the shop (you can find it online here). I was sad to change out of it for golf – it’s so comfy! And I’m loving the pretty color… it’s one that works for just about every skin tone. Bag is courtesy of Shop Bop.

Mint dress with crochet details Mint dress with crochet details Mint dress with crochet details Mint dress with crochet details Mint dress with crochet details

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