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August 17, 2017

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August 23, 2017

Velvet Teddy Bear

August 21, 2017
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Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee

Remember a few years back, when Ruben Studdard was all over your tv screen? After his American Idol win, he was a big deal. They called him the Velvet Teddy Bear.

Well, now you can call me the Velvet Teddy Bear too. I might not have the 6’3″ frame or a Grammy nomination, but I do have this velvet tee. Close enough, right?

Velvet is EVERYWHERE this season (including the Wild Ruffle shop), and I plan on wearing it as much as possible. I love how this fabric elevates your look a notch or two, and how it catches the light.

I almost couldn’t decide between this dusty rose shade, and the blue one that we also have in the shop. But since Tammy always goes for blue, and we often accidentally dress alike, I thought I’d leave the blue for her. At least then when we show up to something dressed like twinsies (and seriously, this happens all the time), we’re differentiated by the color. 😉

Another item I’ll be wearing all the time? My new Flying Monkey jeans. We have four different styles, and each is as great as the last. There’s a reason why this denim line is a cult favorite. First of all, it’s a premium denim without the premium price. Second – the fit is awesome. We brought in several mid-rise pairs, and they all come just a bit higher in back. No need to worry about covering your crack every time you bend over, cuz the flattering fit ensures it’s never a problem. And yet, it’s not anything like a ‘mom jean’ pant.

Yep, these are going to be on constant rotation this season. Especially my boyfriend fit ones, shown here.

Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee Boyfriend jeans and a velvet tee

jeans – online here; velvet tee – online here; shoes c/o shopbop.com

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